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Aug. 7, 2008

Ahhhh Yes! Once again the news is wreaking havoc in its wake. First up is the lovely Paris Hilton. My good friend Karen quickly sent me the link to the video, and I got to see for my self what money can buy. But since Paris is too young to know that by the United States law she is too young to be president and since Senator McCain is…shall we be more politically correct and say VERY mature in his years... I am once again a better choice, as I am about 20 years from both of them. Paris did start off in the right position like most politicians sitting and soaking in too much sun! You do know that it can cause muddled thinking. I too am HOT, but I doubt that Paris was talking about the ambient temperature of the earth or the heat, which is affecting McCain. I understand it affects us differently as we age, and in my case it is under control thanks to a little pretty colored pill that I take every morning, I know most women my age understand HOT and someday Paris will too. In fact we have been hot, the hottest and now our brains are FRYING with the stupidity we are seeing. I was in shock over her statement "We can do limited offshore drilling with strict environmental oversight while creating tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars. ... Energy crisis solved,” What!! A logical cohesive sentence, only to find out later that it was written for her and she memorized it, then she blew it “I'll see you at the debates, bitches!" Paris, darling they are not BITCHES. Their men, wrong gender. I too have picked my running mate for V.P. BERWYN HEIGHTS, Md. - Mayor Cheye Calvo as he totally understands violations of personal rights of an American citizen and I do believe will now fight to preserve our constitutional rights that our fore fathers put in place to prevent the very thing that happened to him. I believe I have made an excellent choice. I hope he is not too traumatized to accept. Rest assured that I will not be painting the White House PINK, but I am rather fond of BLUE for both of the other houses and I’m sure orange would look good on many of the employees in the cabinet/government. So what ‘a ya say America, write me in…this message was written by, including all the poor use of grammar and typos and approved in it’s entirety by MOMZILLA ONLINE

I’m MOMZILLA an I wrote this message.



Aug. 3, 2008

And the race is on …

With the National debt 9,585,479,639,200.33 as of July 31,2008.

The cost to try to influence the 2008 election could exceed $3 billion, according to TNS Media Intelligence/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on political television advertising. This is just for the 2-presidenital candidates NOW! This in not including what the “other” candidates already spent. And this dollar amount doesn’t include all the “other” expenses. Rumor in the press is the Democrat in this race is averaging 5.4 Million in donations per state. While I am not a mathematical genius and I don’t even deal with the money part of our lives (that was the agreement and the way that I wanted it, because I did it all before, not because my wonderful hubby is so macho…well, he’s macho in a good way even if he’s a big red neck!) Even I can figure out that 5.4 mill times 50 is an insane amount of money. According to CNN money, more than 155,000 families have lost their homes to foreclosure this year; one out of every 194 U.S. households received a foreclosure filing, and says that a record number of hybrid adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) - worth $362 billion - will reset in 2008. Let’s say the average home value was $275,000 it is now worth half of that at best depending on where the home is, some places it worth less. We are hearing analysis from Freddie Mac and large banks that their cost to foreclose on a home is about 60,000 dollars on average. So if we have candidates that REALLY care about the economy why are they spending the ENORMOUS amounts of money to be elected when we all know one of them is going to win? Wouldn’t this money better spent supporting the people that they want to govern. In the news today Kathy Hilton whom is said to be a large financial supporter of the Republican was unhappy with his TV ad because it compared her daughter Paris and the troubled young performer Brittany Spears to McCain and Obama. "It is a complete waste of the country's time and attention at the very moment when millions of people are losing their homes and their jobs," Kathy Hilton said in a short article posted on the liberal Huffington Post Web site. This whole campaign is a complete waste of time and money so why did she give him the money? WHY aren’t the very wealthy people who made all their money off the millions of people losing there homes, stepping up to the plate and telling the candidates that THEY are not going to give money for something that is NOT going to help the people of this country. DO they not understand the trickle down effect…as in if the millions that can’t pay for their homes can’t buy their goods and support their business either and they could end up not being quite so wealthy? Do the math and see if 3 billion plus would help if it were funded correctly in the finance sector for home loans. For those that are out there pointing fingers saying that “they should not have bought a house that they knew that they couldn’t pay for”... to you I say why were there mortgage brokers on every street corner promising that this was the best deal since sliced bread for American families to own their own home and then stating that the interest payments wouldn’t be going up that much because the market couldn’t support it. The people of this country were once again lied to and just exacly where was the governments protection of the people. The fact that it is happening all over the county tells us that this scam was bigger than anyone could imagine. And you can bet that there are some very fat cats sitting back and laughing because they are untouchable and VERY rich and NOT in this country. Here’s the bigger down side of all this, with thier credit in shambles the people will be lucky if they can rent a cardboard box to live in and no one in the government has said what they are planning on doing about millions more families being homeless…or all those houses sitting empty.

My son Kale loves to call me a cynic and I guess I am but I’m a happy cynic, because I believe that some where along the way some one will step up to the plate and do the right thing. That’s why I still think I should be president, that and I don’t own any stock in the oil companies.


July 30,2008

Tell the world what you really think and the truth shall set you free…and possibly unemployed.

The big thing in the press over the past few week has been people in the public eye caught or deliberately saying exactly what they think, and it has gotten several of them in the news and in “politically correct” hot water. There are those like Glenn Beck and Russ Limbaugh that make their living at pretending to speak their minds…Beck might be, but has grown to be so very arrogant that he rarely stops speaking long enough to listen to any one who might have something important to say. And Limbaugh, well if you like to hear what drugs have to say, then he’s your man. He hasn’t had a cohesive thought for years. But the people that are currently in hot water is one of the biggest frauds in the world and we all know the good Rev. Jesse Jackson is holier that thou. Remember now, he has no church, and is tax exempt because he claims to have a “congregation” but where and WHO are they. I’ll bet if we dig just a little below the surface we will understand why he is making nasty comments. Could it be he wasn’t “paid” to endorse Obama, and is feeling betrayed by a fellow “black” man? Or is the press trying to tell him that he is going to be exposed for exactly what he is, a man who worships the almighty dollar. The other person in hot water is a young actress Katherine Heigl. She is in trouble for swimming against the current and not following the Hollywood trend to just be blonde, beautiful and smile for the camera. At least some one out there in the land of make believe knows it’s just make believe and the real world is not going to fall at her feet, even if the producers tell her so. If we could get so lucky as to have our candidates tell the truth they would not be the candidates running for President in fact their careers would be over in politics. Not through any fault of their own but because we don’t want to hear the truth and we don’t want to have to take care of our selves. If we did California would not be passing laws about how much or what kind of fat can be in your food, or whether a fast food restaurant should be in a part of town that has a bunch of fat people. The truth is the “fat” was made by the government in the 1950’s to make the food taste better as to sell more of the “pre packaged” foods. And the fat people are fat because they don’t desire to eat food that is not easy to fix and pre packaged. Add in cut backs in the schools such as removing play ground equipment and taking away recess because the sun is bad for us and sunscreen is bad for us and the air is polluted so breathing is bad for us. Everything is bad for us! If you walk some where the police want to know why you’re walking and where you’re going. The truth is WE have allowed this mess and we keep allowing more to take place to try to fix it. The truth is so tainted that it’s no longer black and white, but murky swirls that never end. The truth…hmmmm, how about it doesn’t set me free but at least I get it off my chest and hope that it will lower my blood pressure.



We have just gotten home from one of my very favorite things to do to relax. Taking the boat out on the lake. Not just any lake but one of the best-kept secrets of the Country. The beautiful Lake Ouachita in the Ouachita National Forest, which is where I now call home. Living just minutes from the lake has provided the boys with almost daily swims for years, which is a good thing because we missed our swimming trips to the pool that we use to take in Loveland. There are no public out door swimming pools in the area.

Today I am giving the web a taste of WHY so many of us really like Arkansas. While the mountains here will never ever be able to hold a candle to the Rocky Mountains that I had always lived in, with height and Rocky formation, the mountains of Arkansas have a beauty of their own that is hard to resist. If you can forget about the bug factor and are an outdoor enthusiast this is a place that you will defiantly want to visit. WE do not have snow sports but the water-sports seem to make up for it. There are plenty of millionaires that agree and live on the lake in million dollar houseboats that are easily as big as any yacht that I saw back east. If you want more info on the lake or Ouachita National Forest wikipedia has some good info and list contact for more. Or you could just google it.

Last week we went on Friday and there was very little boating traffic on the lake. We were out on the water for over 6 hours and only David got a little pink tinge on his belly and the tops of his feet where he didn’t get good coverage with his sunscreen factor 50 or his liquid shirt as Brett calls it. Brett calls it that because in the summer he can apply this stuff while he welds and it will block the welding flashing as well as a welding jacket. It won’t block spatter, but then neither will the heavy cotton shirt. So today to try and keep him from getting pink, I did the slathering to make sure he was covered. Last week I got a slight glow, as did the boys and the very next day it was our usual tan. Both boys have been blessed with my tanning abilities. Today we were on the lake for about half the time, because the clouds started rolling in and we heard a clash of thunder. One of the last places I want to be during a storm is on the lake on an aluminum shell boat. Can you say lighting rod…any way, David has not one speck of pink on his body, but the boys and I are all more than a tad pink, I had factor 30 on my nose and cheeks and have never needed anything else. Part on me says we have gone way to far with the sunscreen thing any way but for pretty little white skinned people like my very fair skinned hubby it’s a comfort thing as well. Sunburns hurt I know because I now have one. It’s not bad it’s just a surprise since we were not out nearly as long today. The very first thing I have been doing this summer on my trips to the lake is rock hunting. I love all the different kind of rocks with all the wonderful colors and I specifically have been looking for rocks with natural holes in them. I recently “stumbled upon” a web site that told of rocks with holes having once been used for money and were considered lucky or had magical powers. Obviously the hole went all the way through, and were formed naturally. Today I got really lucky and no sooner stepped off the boat on island #9 and looked into the water and saw a rock with a hole in it. I found a much larger one later when I was walking the shoreline. So I guess I’m lucky because I found what I was looking for. I don’t really care if the rocks have any mystical powers I just wanted to find a rock with a hole in it because I never had, if they do yeah for me! I hope you all fine what you’re looking for too…in the mean time I hope you enjoy the pics of the lake.

Lake 001Lake 003Lake 005

Lake 017Lake 019

July 25, 2008

There is almost nothing that I like more than to read the news everyday. Not the local news paper because there is basically nothing in it. What I mean is, it is still acting like a small town news paper and focuses on mostly things in the city of Hot Springs, and frankly since we can’t get it delivered I am not willing to drive 12 miles to get it. It’s not a bad little paper, lord knows that they have been very good to us with press releases about our work. Just today a very nice young woman called and asked if she could come out and write an article about us. She spent about 2 and a half hours interviewing us and taking photos. The news I like to read is Yahoo News and I am always surprised as to what the writers of this country submit to the associated press as news worthy. The reason I like yahoo news is I don’t have to read all the fluff in an article that is based on word count. Not content. I like the fact that I can scroll through and hit on the story and get a synopsis and move on. I really enjoy the headlines. Today’s are Oil's 2-week nosedive shows up at the pump that’s very nice but what about an all time high in profit for Phillips do you think that maybe they managed to make that profit from the American people paying outrageous prices at the pump. Nosedive… a nosedive at the pump would be gas for under a dollar a gallon. FDA: Avoid jalapenos from Mexico, not US golly gee whiz…I never thought to ask if the jalapenos in my salsa was from Mexico, do you think the restaurants will know? Or do they really care since out of how many people in the United States that ate tomatoes or jalapeno peppers in a restaurant or from the store that were from Mexico got sick. Is it possible that something else made them sick? If we are afraid to eat our food are we just going to sit and stare at it and stave out of fear. Maybe we should STOP importing our food and let the US mean US as in our farmers. Like stop telling them what and how much to grow. McCain rejects 'audacity of hopelessness' for Iraq well isn’t this a nice play on words, can Obama sue for copy write infringement. Here’s the audacity of reality…we cannot stop people from hating other people! We cannot tell them what to think and we cannot say our religious beliefs are better. Why are our candidates campaigning over seas any way? Angry man shoots lawn mower for not starting and he’s not from Arkansas, but looks like he could be. They arrested him for it, and he was correct in saying that it was his lawn mower and his yard, and he should be able to shoot it if he wants too. Hey, when I first moved here, David had an alarm clock that would just do it’s own thing and he would shake the clock and threaten it. Then one day he grabbed the clock after it did something or the other and marched outside with the clock in one hand and a gun in the other, place the clock on a stump and shot it. As I stood in the doorway watching with my mouth hanging open and my eyes bugging out, he looked at me smiled and said “just killin’ time babe”, and came back in the house. NO one in Arkansas cared! And to think you all thought I had a temper! California bans restaurants from using trans fats WHAT! Restaurants in California used trans fats…I thought that was the land of fruits and nuts. With the ban will the liposuction surgeries drop and lead to economic disaster? What’s next they will be required to use real sugar and have their Governor drive an economical gas efficient car? Math study finds girls are just as good as boys…Did we really pay for a study to find this out? Wasn’t it usually the female of the house that had the checkbook and paid the bills? How did we get female accountants and doctors, scientist and such? Because they were pretty…oh, please. Let’s do the math on this one, to many dollars and not enough sense! All Pro: $7 million nice no matter how deal is cut I’m a pro I want $7 million to talk for 2 minutes and run 10 yards then sit down for fifteen. HEY, tell ya what…I’ll run fifty-yards rest for 2 minutes and run fifty again everyday for a year for 7 million. I can even carry a ball while I do it too, because I have good hands and can hold on to things. I’ll bet even as and old woman I can keep up with these fat air heads for 7 mill just let me at ‘em. That’s a lot of motivation, they won’t have to tell me not to drink or party too much. I’ll even go to bed by midnight with lights out. I want to be “All Pro”. Boy breaks canine tooth biting vicious dog Wow…I thought that Brett was the only weird kid that would bite any dog that bit him back. He’s done it for years and has never gotten anything written about him in the news for it. Boy, just think I could have made millions for having a Angry kid with alot of audacity. Missed my chance.

It just goes to show you what you might think is perfectly normal in your life and not at all news worthy is possibly tomorrows HEAD LINES.


I got Mail…and now here it is.

Hi, Bre

 I was just reading your "bucket list' on the blog and had to tell you that Cher was GREAT in concert in Las Vegas! Tommy (Romero, yes the one and the same) and I went in May. I don't think you could have seen the whites of her eyes standing next to her, the costumes were sssoooo sparklely!  I have to say that was the best concert I've ever been to. Extremely well done. Too fun and we went for just those reasons. We're getting too old to be putting off stuff for someday, if we can, we do it today. We wanted to go and see Barbra Striesand but Man! she was just too expensive. Some things are not worth the cost of the dollar.

 Anyway, hope things are going well for you and yours.

 Take care and feel better! Tom says "Hi!"



Hey! Well thanks for the birthday wishes, I don't care it you were late.
Every day is like my birthday - REALLY!!!
...and Darrel & I just watched the movie "The Bucket List" on Friday, July
11th!!! --we don't do the 'theater thing' either, anymore! For most of the
same reasons you listed. We got the DVD.
You've never been to the Grand Canyon or Disneyland, huh? I'm surprised!
...I would like to go to Ireland as that is where my mother's ancestors herald
Skydiving, NO!!! Egypt - the pyramids? Yeah, maybe. Everest? Hmmm...
The movie definitely got us talking (more) and it did many
Thanks for acknowledging me in your blog. Love ya lots - I'll send more
later.(Thanks for the note on classmates, too!)



And since it has to do with my bucket list …here we go again! Since Tommy sent a “hi” through Kalah, he’s next. A BIG “hi” back and a BIGGGGG HUG too! This is a long lost bud that I have thought about much over the years and have watched for on classmates. Tommy is one of the people that will always live in my heart. Tommy was one of the kindest, sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am sure he is still as pure of heart as a middle-aged man as he was when we were growing up and in school. I remember thinking what a beautiful smile his mother had when I would see her in Church with their whole family. THEY looked like a family should look in my mind. I hope that he and his family are all doing well. We also use to double date if you want to call going out with a bunch of friends that. NOT- Tommy and I as a couple…Kalah and Tommy and Benny and Me. Which swings to the other side of my list. DEAR BENNY GRIEGO…you JERK! You stood me up and then had the nerve to send me a card in the mail to congratulate me on my Graduation almost a year later, with no return address! YOU were the only time in my life I had been stood up! YOU broke my heart. Could you have just said that you were sorry…but you’re gay! I could have dealt with it! But Nooooooooo…you made a date with me told me to get really dressed and I sat and waited and waited and waited and vowed that if I ever saw you again you were in real Trouble and when I did you can thank your lucky stars that Sandy, Randy and Les stopped me from throwing that

bowling ball at you instead of down the lane. At least I got a strike! And why did I want to throw it at you, because then you could a least say you had some one big cajones’. Honestly ya would think after being together and breaking up as much as we did you would have had some backbone. I did fine YOU on classmates and I did send you and nice email saying “hi…hope you’re doing well” and you wouldn’t even open it, but you did try to make contact with me several years ago…before I paid to read my email. WE could have stayed friends like Kalah and Tommy. Good grief…I didn’t want to marry you! You were too skinny! Cute but skinny! Now, for my next big step…I forgive you, and me too for hold this in for soooooo many years. Did I ever mention that I hold grudges?


July 20,2008

The latest craze on blogs seems to be posting list of all sorts of “LIFE” lessons. If I combine David Letterman’s technique of counting down with my reasoning, I’m starting with 49…100 is just too long and that would mean I have had one for every year that I have lived. So here’s my MOMZILLA LIST on LIFE

49.This too shall pass…what ever “this” is…

48.Nothing is permanent.

47.Bummer Dude…Get over it.

46.I like my attitude!

45.If you don’t want to know, don’t ask!

44.You can use people as a ladder to reach the top, but they have a habit of moving when stepped on…

43.If you need external stimulus all the time…you are internally needing to stimulate …

42.Believe in Magic…it takes many forms.

41.Remember to use the DELETE button…it works on people too!

40.You can’t make ANY one love you, not even yourself!

39.Life happens and so does DEATH!

38.Learning is a choice.

37.How much money you have doesn’t determine YOUR value.

36.Do not follow your dreams…live them.

35.Should’a, Could’a, Would’a nothing.

34.Teachers don’t know everything, teach only what you know.

33.Thinking is good for you.

32.Laughter is NOT politically correct, but is good for you.

31.It’s okay to get angry; if it wasn’t then we would not be able to.

30.Living frugally all the time is not a good thing, remember the saying “you can’t take it  with you…”

29.If you are going to quote the bible, at least have a reading comprehension at the level that it was written.

28. Stupidity is not a virtue.

27.The trouble with criticisms is it often comes in the form of praise.

26.If you believe “we are god’s children”, don’t act like that excludes your personal prejudices.

25. Fertilizer in not necessary for growth.

24.Behave as if someone is watching, they are…children.

23.Hold on to your values.

22.Value your beliefs.

21.Ethics in life are important, but must be practiced.

20.Obsession… is not a positive thing.

19.There is no “I” in “TEAM”!

18.Your life is not a “team” sport!

17.People Lie.

16.Just because “it’s the law” doesn’t make it so.

15. In the words of Mr. Spock- “Live Long and Prosper”

14.With age comes benefits as well as pains.

13.Eat real food, use REAL sugar; your body understands it better than chemicals.

12.Create something … your older, wiser and now resourceful...use it.

11.All of the emotions are present for a reason…the human experience.

10.Anything in Excess is not good for you.

 9.What can you do with out the drugs…

 8.The reason for the growth in the human population is easy to understand if you look at any of the religions…

 7.Your needs are very simple…air, water, nourishment, shelter. Desires are another story.

 6.The people who are trying to “FIX” you are more than likely broken.

 5.No matter what, if you reading this your “fine”, because your breathing and you have a pulse.

 4.You are what you speak.

 3.”Bless your heart” is not a NICE comment!

 2. Loose the list…

 1. It’s okay to be YOU.


July 15, 2008

First up, is a person I need to tell how I feel about them…my Friend JoAnn. Some claim that she is VERY passive aggressive. Not to me, but then I’m no angel and it is said that I don’t have a passive bone in my body. JoAnn is a relatively new friend as we meet only a few years ago, and that was after 2 schmucks worked overtime to try to make sure we never met much less became friends. I’ll get to those schmucks later! The day after I posted my bucket list, I had lunch in town with JoAnn. She is the friend that would do almost everything on my list with me, and laugh the whole time. She would make me stick to the list, in fact she felt it was just fine to tell people on the site how I feel. She is a wonderful cheerleader and a beautiful woman, with a big heart and a mind that’s so very creative and brilliant, so many benefits from her gifts, and I wish for her all the happiness the universe can send to her. I am sending my request out to the universe to also send her a mate. Because she wants one! I have never seen her dark side, but like all of us I’m sure she has one. Since she said that it was okay …I am telling the world I am blessed and glad she decided to be my friend. JoAnn... Your on my LIST!

It seems only fair to post a SCHMUCK too. But my first schmuck post is for people I have never ever met. The persons, that gave my mother a loan on her house for twice what it was worth with a monthly payment that was twice her monthly income. I hope that the commission that they made on this helps them to burn in hell! And just when did this happen…in 2004. Hmmm… those “bad” loans that are coming back to bite us all, ending in foreclosures on so many homes across the country... I tried contacting officials at state and federal levels about this, at the very least they should have wanted to investigate because of her age when the loan was made. NOTHING! No one cared! My mother was just a old woman who lost her house and ALL of her money to a few very greedy…SCHMUCKS! As most of the country sits wondering what will happen in the next few months with this housing/mortgage crises, I am sitting here saying to my self why wouldn’t anybody listen to my complaint in 2005? Why in the world any one would make such a loan in the first place is beyond me…unless they knew that no good would come from it and it didn’t matter to them that this little old lady could possible end up HOMELESS! What do they care…she’s old, she’s going to die soon…the government will take care of her. SO there you have it a personal experience with the Mortgage crisis. And to all of the SCHMUCKS who made these loans and reaped a profit…remember as you sow, so shall you reap! I ask the Gods and Goddesses of ALL the religions of the ENTIRE Universe to send JUSTICE for the harm that you have done, because the United States Government is clueless.


July 10, 2008

his last year the movie “Bucket List “ came out and we are the lazy people who would rather pay to see it in the comfort of our own home for many reasons. So we waited and just saw the movie on pay for view. Mostly because I don’t like paying to see a movie in a theater that is dirty and the seats are hard and very old with my knees wrapped around my chest. I know that if I’m uncomfortable, my 6’ 2” hubby is totally miserable. Top it off with a 40 minute drive each way with the price of gas, and the fact that I can buy 2 cases of pop and 50 pounds of popcorn for what it cost for a 6 ounce cup of pop and a box with two hands full of popcorn. I can sit on my couch, with my feet up no body blocking my view, and if I have to pee I can stop the movie and do my thing without feeling like I am interrupting the other people who have paid just as much to see the movie and are now missing things because I have to go to the bathroom. To go to the movies as a family it would cost 30 bucks to get in another 30 for the pop and popcorn, plus the money for gas and at 4 dollars a gallon it would take 2 and a half gallons to get there and back if I went to the sorry theater in Hot Springs. If I went to the nice theater in Benton or Little Rock I would have to add driving time and more mileage…I got “Bucket List” for about five bucks for the 4 of us and we watched it when we wanted too! I really enjoyed the movie but it made me start thinking (which I’m sure was the point) about my own list. Keeping in mind that no “wealthy” being is going to step up and pay for every thing that I would like to do…but with my health acting funky I thought I might share and start my list here. That way if I do kick the bucket and it takes the guys a while to remember this site…you can wonder if I got to do any of the things on my list and maybe you’ll even start your own. Time is always of the essence since none of us really knows how much time we have. So here is the beginning of my list that I will move at some point to it’s own little space, but for now this is where it’s going to be.

There’s nothing like sky diving or climbing Mt. EVERST, I don’t want to ride a bull or a bucking bronco. I don’t want to own or ride anything. I am trying to loose some weight but not for my bucket list (if I KNEW that I had a very limited time I wouldn’t care because I am going to loose lots of weight real soon!), I would more than likely also start smoking again…because at that point it wouldn’t matter. I might even get drunk for the first time in my life, just to say that I did it once. But there are a few places I’d like to see…like Ireland…or New York…and my biggy the GRAND CANYON!

Bre’s Bucket List

Tell all the people who were special in my life to me why and thank them. Post a Simple list of those people’s names, because to be told publicly makes it an announcement to the world and says to all that they are very special. i have already listed a few of those special people here in other post.

Forgive the SCHMUCKS that have strolled through my life, because I learned from them too. Post those names too! Not that I really need to for their sake, but for mine…I’m sure I have already let them know that I think that their a schmuck! Now others will too! So you might want to think about being placed on someones list...I am VERY sure that I am on a few!

I would have had to list doing one monumental work of art, but I’ve done that and my name is in stone too! And I’m even listed in the Smithsonian’s guild to something or the other of large public works of some sort. So I am going to say to be remembered as a good artist…because I will never consider myself great.

I want to haunt the spammers through their computers for the rest of their days on this earth. Sending emails every hour to them that they can’t get to go to their spam box that say things like “I’m still watching you” or “I know where the goods on you is…” Or to be able to make wild moneys run randomly across they’re computer screen while they’re trying to “work”.

I would like to take a cruise on a private boat for longer than an afternoon.

I would like to see the place where I was born.

I would like to go to Disney Land.

I would like to write a book and have it published and read!

I would like to see Cher in concert up close so that I could see the whites of her eyes. I have no reason to meet her as she knows that she is wonderfully talented which would leave nothing to talk about…so I see no reason to waste her time.

I would like to have a candid talk with our country’s political leaders, and have them really listen instead of telling me how they have been working for the things that matter.

I want to go quickly and without a lot of medical interference, like in my sleep, because I’m a wuss when it comes to being on the receiving end of a needle. Besides I don’t like the drugs, they don’t stop the pain they only stop your caring about the pain.

The more I thought about this list the less became important. I don’t NEED anything if I am dying and I already have way too much “stuff” so I think I’m going to start deleting the stuff from my life and head toward living simply which should allow me to simply live.


Karma will find you…. or, God will get you for that!


I have not been staying on top of things like I should. I have forgotten to wish my lovely friend Karen a Happy Birthday or posted that My buds at Dragon Forge has opened a Black Smithing School, or even the wonderful email that I got from my old very dear friends and neighbors (that I still miss having fabulous Mexican food dinners with) Sharon and Vernell Roberts because we both moved to other states…MINE BEING MORE CONFUSION! All because once again my silly little attitude of “ I don’t need to see no stinkin’ doctor…I can cure anything with time and herbs” and that attitude has once again almost killed me! I have been preaching for years about integration of medicine…and once again by not practicing what I preach it is coming back to BITE me in the…. tush! SO first up…Happy Birthday to YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU, HHAAAPPPPYYYY BBBIRRTHDAYYYYY Dear Karen, Happy Birthday to you! Now I can tell you that singing it this way sounded much better than if I actually sang it and you could heard it. Now to get more info on the Dragon Forge Black Smithing School you need to click on the link to their site on the right…I wish them much success! AND the email from my wonderful friends stated that they found this site and would be back to visit and look at my pictures! Mostly because they are MY friends, and they already know about my mouth. Some things don’t ever change. And because my brain is still not working because I have also forgotten to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful loving husband David. SMACK! Now for the heath issue this time around. It is know as the silent killer and thousands of Americans have it with out knowing. I could feel it so I started watching my Blood Pressure when I went into town I’d stop and get it checked with one of the machines in the grocery store. And it just keeps climbing and I just keep feeling worst. I was trying EVERYTHING I could think of…cutting salt, exercising more, eating less, more fruits and veggies, vitamins and herbs and researched and researched and researched. Then I found the latest greatest and for many gross. Beets! This is what I found stated on line….”this hard skinned root vegetable has a sweet taste and has also been used in the past for making certain types of medicine.  Beets are rich in folate and B vitamins, which are essential for tissue growth the blood pressure reducing power or beet juice is unbelievable!  The American Heart Association journal Hypertension showed a reduction in high blood pressure in volunteers in just 1 hr after drinking 500mls or beet juice!  The reduction was more pronounced as time went on and lasted up to 24 hrs.” Well, okay I like beets well enough and I should be able to drink a BIG glass of beet juice and the Blood Pressure that is now so high I am truly worried and making it climb higher, will drop in about an hour, right……NOT! First of all I decided that I have to teach one of the guys to take my blood pressure Kale is the lucky boy and is doing well at it. Next I’m on a quest to town to get beet juice. After all how uncommon could beet juice be. I mean we have 3 health food stores in Hot Springs and all kinds of exotic juices in the groceries stores how difficult could it be. VERY, and when I did find it at the last health food store (of course) I was shocked to find out that 500 mls (which is 2 cups) was $5.99 a bottle. AND is imported from Switzerland. My first thought is beets are a major crop in Colorado why is beet juice a problem? Then I think well, I’ll just slug this down and I’ll fell better in and hour and my blood pressure will be down and all will be right in my world for my Anniversary Trip with my darling hubby. Wrong again... this stuff was yucky, not a little yucky... REALLY YUCKY and IT was not going to go down and stay! Ohhhhhh... and it’s thick, so we have this stuff that looks like it popped out of a horror film and taste like…DIRT! So I think well I should be able to just eat the beets right. Well no info on that either or how much you would have to eat to equal 2 cups of juice and do they have to be fresh because I know their aren’t any fresh ones in the stores here either. Maybe that little trip will do the trick and I will come back and my blood pressure will be down…. Nope higher. If fact stoke level and I am thinking wow I am blowing up like a balloon, nothing is fitting not even my shoes and I am feeling “FULL” and coughing … geezzz that symptoms of congestive heart failure ……time for the doctor and modern medicine. So much for self-treatment. I have a wonderful family physician, we totally understand each other, and the first question he asked is if I tried my witches brews first. Then he gave me the dreaded high blood pressure medication. The way I see it, I had a choice and you know my whole family has a history of high blood pressure and we have had many with heart disease, I chose to quit smoking and I did it cold turkey so I am not really ready to check out yet…after all who else would write this stuff! The pill is not bitter and a whole lot easier to swallow!





June 26, 2008

So who's to blame for record high oil prices?

If you ask most people in the United States they are not going to blame OPEC or Bush, some might blame “the government”, but as much as we all like pointing fingers as the old say goes when you point one the other three are pointing at you! That’s right boys and girls WE are the ones to blame for the current oil crisis. I always swore that I would never say “back in…” well you know that saying too…never say never… in any case back in the 1970’s when the first truly “BIG” gas shortage hit we thought that “they” were holding out on us and they were…but at that point in time WE had the opportunity to do something different and we didn’t. Now the big problem is how do we move forward this time. WE have millions of very creative minds in this country and WE can’t come up with a workable solution? Why are farmers trying to come up with bio fuels instead of the kids in college? Are we really just sending them and our money to listen to someone else’s Ideas instead of teaching them to THINK? We have given money to scientists to count cow farts why can they put those farts (methane gas) to use for heating and possibly as an energy source. IT’S renewable daily and there is a large amount coming from the D.C. area. I’m sure that it’s true for most of the 50 state capitols too.

Here are MY suggestions as to what we need to do to solve this crisis RIGHT NOW…


First no more tax breaks of any kind for ANY oil companies…while I understand business are suppose to make a profit they also have a responsibility to the people that are buying that product when the people have no choice. They have NOT used their tax breaks to do anything but line their pockets. They made statements during the hurricanes Katrina and Rita that they had not updated or maintained their equipment on the coast or in land due to cost. Since that is the case then they don’t deserver a tax break, and since they see maintenance as unimportant I think they owe the American people a refund for receiving funds under false pretence. Gee… the profit from 2007 is 41 billion, the population of the U.S. in 303,824,646 as an estimate to date if we divided their profit among the entire population as it stands right this very minute you would get to pay for your needs and we could have insurance for healthcare and do away with welfare which would put money back into our cities and states funds which would have money for education so that we could TEACH our children to not ever let this happen again.

SO we could tell OPEC to pack it and we would be able to clean up part of the planet by using sun, wind and water for energy along with all that free gas from Washington.


Would have to be just like the rest of us and figure out something difficult like how to run the washing machine instead of using a dry cleaner. Or Speculate how to help people live happier lives while being healthy. Or how much gas all the windbags expel telling us what they are going to do when they get elected.

And don’t forget the mushrooms better know as the American people some are deadly, some are just pretty and most that are never seen are working silently at removing the stuff we don’t even think about, but can feed the world.

SO I still think that I am a better choice for president!

MIsc 011MIsc 004MIsc 012


Sorry…but we have been experiencing technical difficulties!


My computer has been acting possessed for awhile now and David swore up and down that it was my wireless keyboard and mouse…so he bought me a new one of each and when he installed them the computer biffed it. Just locked right up, so we disconnected and I rushed it into the computer shop that we use and low and behold I was right and it was the computer and not the key board or the mouse and my darling David had to concede and eat a little crow. Plain not even ...salt and pepper!

And now so much stuff is in the news I can hardly stand it…so here we go. …

I just now brought up the Yahoo news page to see that we already have a very serious problem with the candidates for the up coming election. I am referring to an article in which The Great and powerful all knowing self appointed representative of GOD- James Dobson is making derogatory statements about Barack Obama. First of all I don’t think it this is what he should be doing …ya’ know that whole “as you sow thing…” or how about “ he who is without sin…” or is it “judge as to be not so judged…” In the article titled “Dobson accuses Obama of ‘distorting’ Bible”, by ERIC GORSKI, AP Religion Writer. The article states, “James Dobson, accuses the likely Democratic presidential nominee of distorting the Bible and pushing a "fruitcake interpretation" of the Constitution.” The article continues with very scary comments and quotes from Dobson, such as “Dobson took aim at examples Obama cited in asking which Biblical passages should guide public policy…

"I think he's deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology," Dobson said.”

GEEE…. this sounds kind’ a like what he’s doing…just a thought…

"... He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter."

Hmmmm…let’s call a spade a spade…

"Am I required in a democracy to conform my efforts in the political arena to his bloody notion of what is right with regard to the lives of tiny babies?" Dobson said. "What he's trying to say here is unless everybody agrees, we have no right to fight for what we believe."

Touché’ now what is it you fighting for Mr. Dobson, oh yes I remember to make everyone agree with you!

The program was paid for by a Focus on the Family affiliate whose donations are taxed, Dobson said, so it's legal for that group to get more involved in politics.

WOOOOAAAAHHHH Boys! I believe there is something in there along the lines of separation of church and state…

I hope your all thinking before you vote and if nobody votes for the presidential candidates because we don’t like whom the delegates chose for us do we get to start over? Just a thought…


June 17, 2008

Now the way I see it, if we went out to dinner and you didn’t like green peas you wouldn’t like me very much if I told you that YOU had to eat them any way even if you are an adult, because I think I know what is best for you. No matter who you are, you would more than likely have some very choice words for me along the line of “go fly a kite” and inform me that you are an adult and are quite capable of making your own decisions. So I decide that we need some intervention and I call in Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and James Dobson. Now I realize while I have called upon these men to help me convince you that green peas are not only good for you but your ticket to heaven and God knows that these 3 are just but a few of the MEN he has chosen to get you there by any means available. All three are multimillionaires that have gotten that way by getting people like you to eat your peas whither you like them or not, and then convince you that you need to give them your money to go help more non pea eaters. The way that they are planning on doing this is by putting the MEN that they want, or their sons in the governmental seats that will make laws so EVERYBODY has to eat green peas every meal. I’m safe, because I don’t like green beans, I love peas! You however will be counseled and not left alone until they are sure that you will always eat your peas and give them money. Now you are trying very hard to figure out how you got in the place of so very much attention when all you wanted was to eat a nice dinner out with-out peas.

I wanted to address the issue of same sex marriages…what skin is it off your nose. I am trying really hard (for my friend Lynn whither she is still reading or not) to not use the words I’m thinking. I believe that the last time we checked we supposedly live in America- “LAND OF THE FREE”. SO…why is someone, that is an adult, sexual preference such a big deal to every one else, when in fact it is NONE of our business! The fact that two people love each other has nothing to do with any one but them. If they would like to make a LEGAL commitment to each other to share their lives, they should be allowed to do so without interference from some unknown person that thinks they have all the answers and know what’s best for them. NO one died and made them GOD!

There was a time no so very long ago that women were like a piece of property not allowed to own anything of value or make any decisions for them selves, much less vote, and inter-racial marriages were against the law, a time when it was worst to be half Native American, than half black. If you don’t like peas just don’t eat them! WE don’t need to make everyone like us.

I know that in most states it’s still on the state law logs as to how often you can beat you wife and what positions that you can use in the bedroom, but I got news for anyone who thinks that they can come into my bedroom to watch and enforce the law…I have a MOMZILLA law…it will get ugly!



June 16, 2008


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… I am very proud to be able to present this award to the next woman who has been publicly wronged. I share the “WOMAN SCORNED” stage with past winners such as Hillary Clinton and Kathie Lee Gifford and many many other women across the globe. It is an honor and my right to past the award on to the next best “Woman Scorned” Shania Twain. Depending on which Bible you read and what your religious belief are you might agree with me that this has been a problem since the creation of man. The very first lady of the “Woman Scored” was the lovely Lilith, and it is believed by many, that we all are still paying for what happened back then. While I know that very few of you know any of the ladies mentioned, I can almost bet that everyone knows at least one of the past award winners since there are so very many. One might even argue that since there are so many, that it is natural for it to take place. Let me tell you, most of us believe that a promise is a promise. One could easily argue that “till death do us part” does not necessarily mean a physical death, but the death of the love between the parties involved. those who think that way murder might be a nice way to put someone out of their pain too. Even if that is the case, cheating at ANYTHING has not nor ever will be OKAY with most. It’s and ethics thing…add respect and boom you have what is suppose to be a civilized culture. While most scored women would like to blame the males of the relationship it does (as the old saying goes) take two to tango. So what about the “other” woman or in some cases women or even man? Are they guiltless for following their bliss at the expense of ruining families and lives? What causes ones spouse to cheat and turn to another? That is a question that we will never be able to answer. Such speculation in most cases result in name-calling and exaggerations of behavior such as not meeting their “needs” and “desires”. This is the missing link that we as out siders do not have, no matter how well we know the individuals. For a woman to have her life exposed in such a public way lends to open speculation and humiliation that are most often unfounded. By all appearances all of the above women, myself included are clean, well groomed, educated with ways and means of supporting herself and her children and while none would be listed as a “10” none are brown baggers either. So with out further ado I am proud to present the first “Woman Scorned” award of 2008 to Shania Twain. I would like to express my heart felt support of her in this very difficult time. Shania, even if every name you’re called is true, no woman should have to expose her intimate life publicly. Please follow the lead of Hillary, Kathie Lee and myself and hold your head up high and know the women out there that are saying what a fool you are may be going through the very same and still not even know it. And on a more personal note …I did like being a widow, I didn’t have to share my babies with that sorry excuse of a man! Shania…turn this into a multimillion dollar song….and pass the torch!


June 10, 2008

Once again the storms have put me behind in what I was hoping to have already posted here. WE did have some damage this time, another leak only this one was in the office above the computers. Needless to say it is a good thing that David is a handyman kind ‘a guy and was on it as soon as I saw the “spot” on the ceiling with a drip falling from it. Today, he found where the wind that was blowing 60 mph gust lifted up some shingles and pulled out a nail leaving a hole, which was responsible for the leak. WHEW! Good thing for me he is the person that build the house and he is the one who gets to fix it…so we save the money that it would take to have a handy man come out to do it. Had a few tree limbs come down, but nothing was damaged as a result. Brett’s new mobile home also had a major leak type problem at his back door. It looked like buckets of rain was being poured into the house over the back door…and he is now having to be a big boy and deal with the people who need to fix the problem…the manufacture of the home. No major damage was done, as the boys caught most of it with towels, but it will have to be fixed so that it doesn’t cause long-term problems. We even had a 4-foot puddle in the shop in front of my kilns, again the result of a nail pulling up and that too has been fixed. When we have major storms David runs around the house and shop unplugging everything he can. When we first moved here I thought he was a paranoid nut case…after losing a freezer full of food, a coffee pot, microwave and TV, because of a power surges and flickers I understand. None of this even compares to the losses of the people in all the other states with weather stories and our hearts goes out to them all.

Now for my latest fun project. This is not a work of art that I ever intend to sell, it’s for my garden and if I like the finished product I might make another one with a pattern in it. It all started years and years ago I wanted a gazing ball type thing for 2 flower beds one in front of the shop and the other in the bed in between the driveway area by the house. Since we have the problem of limbs falling out of the trees…I knew the pretty glass ones in the stores would never last…I found a couple of old black bowling balls at a junk store for some absurd amount like 50 CENTS and we spray painted them brilliant gold and put them out there. They have been out in the weather for years and this year, we took out a raised bed that one of them was in front of and I stood there thinking that the paint was peeling off in sheets like nail polish does because the ball was smooth. I gave a very pretty silver bowling bowl away to a fellow freecycler who informed me she was going to make it into a gazing ball…my little brain went to work and my body went to talk to my mosaic glass artist bud Andrea. I asked what I needed to do to glue the flat back glass thingys that I have a ton of (I was going to melt them and them didn’t cooperate) to the bowling ball. She told me to use silicone caulk and sanded grout. I got the idea that if I sandblasted the ball the paint would come off quickly and leave me a roughen surface to have the silicone adhere to better. My next move was to quickly put a dab of silicone on a glass thing and just randomly stick them on the ball. When I say randomly I mean not in a pattern, or all one color or size. I just wanted a quick project that would be pretty. WELL…I am still sticking glass onto the bowling ball and it is only half done after a week! This is not because it’s difficult it’s because the glass thingy’s slide down from the weigh of the ones above it so, I place like a row of them and have to wait till the silicone sets up and the glass won’t move before I do another row. Wonderful stuff …silicone caulking is... you could stick just about anything shiny to the ball …like cover it with silicone and then roll it around in glitter. You would have a inexpensive shiny for your house or garden (since I just thought of that …I think that’s what I’ll do on the other one) Any way here is what it’s looking like and I’ll post the finished ball when ever I get in done.


I am assuming that you all who try it are smart enough to cover your work space so that you don’t get silicone on something you don’t want it on. And that if you don’t have a sand blasting cabinet like I do, you know that coarse sand paper and some fineness will rough up the surface of a ball (and well as your fingers) Oh…and dish soap and water lightly on your hands keeps the silicone from sticking to you, but good old rubbing alcohol will take it off your hands, or you could wear rubber gloves. But I am going to include a disclaimer for all those people out there that do something stupid and then blame others for their actions.

I am NOT responsible for your stupidity! Now, go make something pretty.


June 5, 2008


Woe is me…I am just a poor staving artist and once again my work has been rejected, but I know that I am in good company because about 231 other people in Arkansas were rejected too. Last year at this time I was the Darling of the state now I am forgotten and my work is not desired…no body loves me, every body hates me, I’m gonna’ eat some worms! BIG fat juicy ones, little green slimy ones and all of them are made out of gummy candy! YUM! Okay, now that I have had my 10-second pity party, I can feel sorry for David, he was rejected too! BUT… my wonderfully talented monster baby 1 (aka: Brett) was one of the 88 chosen for the 2009 Arkansas ART Governors Calendar! WOOO!!HOOO!!! The funny thing is the piece (SEE PIC BELOW) that he submitted was juried out of the 2008 Annual Student Competitive Exhibition at University of Central Arkansas. When that happened, I explained that it has NOTHING to do with talent and is strictly based on what the juror likes. PERIOD! So all you folks who have just been rejected from something…don’t change anything just go somewhere else. IT’S not you! So what did David and I enter…well I entered the Morning Glories that I posted the first of May. Scroll down they are still there. Nothing bizarre something that has to do with Arkansas as they grow wild here, but the photo doesn’t do them justice and I knew it was risky. Not only that I like them! Nothing I like of my own work is ever something that John and Jane Q. Public seem to like. They like and buy the stuff I think belongs in the trash. The Fact is I have sold every piece that I have created and hated. So I guess there is no account for my taste in art. How ever I really really like my kid’s work at least this piece and I am very proud of him. WE did have to pester him till the cows came home to submit, and we even picked this piece as the submission…but we’re his parents so what do we know. I have been juried out of more shows and events than I can count, any more it’s just part of the game and if your going to take it seriously you need to find something where you never have to compete for anything which by the way doesn’t exist. You can just drop out and never ever try anything new or different, but I like the challenge to be the best I can be, to have a piece that makes people look at it and think how’d she do that…is that cool! So…I am playing right now and having just a little fun and doing something a little funky. I know that as soon as I show it here your all going to be thinking I can do that! And I hope you do, but my hits for this site (due to my being lazy and busy) are down so YOU will just have to comeback and see what I’m talking about…so there. Brett, your doing a good job son, and WE are very proud of you …still wish you had been a lawyer so that my retirement years would have been easier…. just kidding!

Brett's Morning Dew
Freedom Lost


June 1, 2008

CAN you believe that the year is half over! I still haven’t gotten hardly any of the stuff that I wanted to get done, done. I did get some flowers planted and the garden is finally in. I’m going to try my hand at propagating the Camellia that is as old as I am and hopefully willing to expand it’s beauty to the front of my house. I’m just going to clip 2 pieces dip it in rooting hormone and stick it in the flower bed that’s been in for 6 years but never has done really well with anything but good old Iris and weeds. This year I planted a Hydragenia in each bed and annuals hoping that I can fill up with the camellia and some other evergreen flowering bushes. The big bug battle this year is ANTS. I can’t really say that their fire ants but they hurt when they sting and they are aggressive, so since they moved into my space (a raised herb bed) and their mean little buggers they have to go. So out came the neem and when that only slowed them down from stinging a bit I did the one thing I really hate doing…I used a poison…yep, I used seven dust. I have onions and garlic in there and potatoes because I wanted to see if they would do anything. It was plant them or compost them so I thought I’d sink ‘em in some dirt. I use to do it in Colorado and had really good luck with them there. The ground here is very rocky and since this was a raised bed that is just herbs and such that hasn’t been doing much for the last year, why not. At this time last year I was still way to weak to do any gardening, but this year I got a new wheelbarrow and have been out playing in the dirt. I started gardening about 18 years ago, and have been one of the organic types from the very beginning, and not because I was in Colorado. I did it because I believe like the Native Americans… in taking care of the earth and the earth will take care of you. The other reason was money. Fresh fruits and veggies were getting way up and I wanted the boys to learn to grow their own food…that whole teach them to fish... feed them for a life time. WE had a massive pumpkin patch that grew out of the compost hole (I didn’t have a bin, but I had a hole in the yard so I used it.) So...with it being the time of year, and having been playing in the dirt and I just got this from my News Letter. I decided to share!

The New Victory Garden:Lessons in Cultivating Food and Community

During WWI and WWII, recycling, composting, and home gardens were not simply a reaction to rampant consumerism — they were acts of patriotism brought about by the need to preserve resources for the support of war efforts at home and abroad. Those that could not fight alongside the soldiers on the battlefield were asked to contribute in any way they could, and for many, this meant growing victory gardens — in the country, in the suburbs, even in the cities.
Government agencies, seed companies, and businesses published guides on vegetable gardening: how to prepare the soil, what to plant, and how to care for it. Nearly 20 million Americans stepped up to the challenge of stretching the nation's food rations and produced up to 40% of all food that was consumed during those times. These victory gardens were not viewed as work, but as a source of pride for the community, bolstering our morale when it was needed most.
In these days of increasing interest in self-sufficiency and getting back to basics, home vegetable gardening has enjoyed a major revival. New generations of Americans long to feel part of a bigger picture, for an opportunity to "do their part," and home gardening has again proven itself as a way to strengthen our minds, our bodies, our communities, and our country. School, neighborhood, and home gardens are popping up everywhere with the goal of reconnecting to our food, our planet, and our communities.
Empower yourself and your family by volunteering at a community garden or planting your own victory garden! It doesn't have to be a huge, formal vegetable garden - a few pots on a patio or even a rooftop will do. Some folks are even starting to view the potential of unoccupied city lots as food production areas. Whether you think of yourself as a revolutionary, a patriot, or simply a lover of fresh-from-the-farm veggies, what matters is that you make a connection to nature, your neighbors, your health, and to the food that you're eating.

I am publishing this with a little more help, your already on line so look up your local extension office and learn how much fun it is to play in the dirt. I can’t teach you all how to fish, but I can tell you growing your own food is rewarding and will make you aware of what needs to happen on our earth. Let’s stop trying to Fix everybody else and start with our selves. One person at a time, this is a seed worth planting…I hope it grows!


May 30, 2008

I’m no Star Jones or Rosie O’Donnell and I’m not trying to pick a fight with a woman that I don’t even know, but I really have to say that this Michelle Malkin chick is just a little on the broken side of normal. She’s the woman that is basically solely responsible for the Rachel Ray ad being pulled by Dunkin’ Donuts. Even after my post about it last night it really bugged me that someone would have that much power. SO…I set out to find out who that someone was and the answer is Michelle Malkin. Wanting to know more about this person, as it is good to know as much as you can about someone who can change so much so quickly( I believe the quote is "Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.")…and if she is not a nice person but a wolf in female traditional clothing …what does she wear…what color…does she wear scarf’s? To her web site I go to get the answers I seek…straight from the ----- horses mouth. I found out that she is “a (and I quote from mother, wife, blogger, conservative syndicated columnist, author, and Fox News Channel contributor.” She goes on to even give her shoe size and Like other people I’m not fond of (Bill Richardson) has a You Tube page. WOW…I don’t have a You Tube page! Maybe I need one…. hmmmmmm........NOT!

Then I found her list of books that she has penned and thought that would give me a much better idea as to where this YOUNG woman is coming from. Off to there I become even more frighten than I was before when I read reviews of one of her books.

In Defense of Internment: The World War II Round-Up and What It Means For America's War on Terror (Hardcover)

by Michelle Malkin (Author)


Editorial Reviews

Product Description
This diligently documented book shows that neither the internment of ethnic Japanese--not to mention ethnic Germans and Italians--nor the relocation and evacuation of Japanese Americans from the West Coast were the result of war hysteria or race prejudice as historians have taught us.

From the Publisher
Everything you've been taught about the World War II "internment camps" in America is wrong: - They were not created primarily because of racism or wartime hysteria
- They did not target only those of Japanese descent
- They were not Nazi-style death camps In her latest investigative tour-de-force, New York Times best-selling author Michelle Malkin sets the historical record straight-and debunks radical ethnic alarmists who distort history to undermine common-sense, national security profiling. The need for this myth-shattering book is vital. President Bush's opponents have attacked every homeland defense policy as tantamount to the "racist" and "unjustified" World War II internment. Bush's own transportation secretary, Norm Mineta, continues to milk his childhood experience at a relocation camp as an excuse to ban profiling at airports. Misguided guilt about the past continues to hamper our ability to prevent future terrorist attacks. In Defense of Internment shows that the detention of enemy aliens, and the mass evacuation and relocation of ethnic Japanese from the West Coast were not the result of irrational hatred or conspiratorial bigotry. This document-packed book highlights the vast amount of intelligence, including top-secret "MAGIC" messages, which revealed the Japanese espionage threat on the West Coast. Malkin also tells the truth about:
- who resided in enemy alien internment camps (nearly half were of European ancestry)
- what the West Coast relocation centers were really like (tens of thousands of ethnic Japanese were allowed to leave; hundreds voluntarily chose to move in)
- why the $1.65 billion federal reparations law for Japanese internees and evacuees

was a bipartisan disaster
- and how both Japanese American and Arab/Muslim American leaders have united

to undermine America's safety. With trademark fearlessness, Malkin adds desperately needed perspective to the ongoing debate about the balance between civil liberties and national security. In Defense of Internment will outrage, enlighten, and radically change the way you view the past-and the present.

NOW, I understand her power…and I am REALLY afraid, and you should be too! I wonder if the Japanese Americans that I met that were in the camp in GREELEY, Colorado know that what they lived through never really happened the way they remembered and it was just to keep the “good Americans” safe.

She doesn’t mention her ancestry, but I bet its WHITE EUROPEAN. Has any one bothered to tell her that the reason that SHE can have that trademark fearlessness in front of her computer is because of CIVIL LIBERTIES. I have always questioned History and know that it is always written from the viewpoint of the “winner”. I guess next she will be telling us that Hitler was a really nice guy that meant no harm to all those Jews, and that they all went to those camps willingly to make a point with their lives, too. Or the “Trail of Tears” was a result of being in the presence of too many onions…

From the information on her site I am guessing that she might believe in a God or at the very least a Higher Power…and I hope that when she gets where she’s going that they have a very special place for her that’s VERY toasty!

Lynn, this was really hard to write without using words you would disapprove of, but it’s making me a better person! Love to you….




May 29, 2008


I thought that I had pretty much heard and seen a little of everything in my lifetime, which is coming closer and closer to the half century mark. But today was another first for me. It seems that we are now to be watched as to what we wear in public as to not only possibly offend some one because our dress is to skimpy or we have too much showing or the fact that we even have breasts as a woman. Nope, this time it’s over a scarf worn in an ad on the web for DUNKIN’ DONUT’S by none other than a favorite Chef Rachel Ray. A simple fashion accessory has the company pulling the ad because of the colors of the scarf being black and white and somebody decided that it looked like something that might be worm by a terrorist from the Middle East. Okay Boys and Girls, listen up…this is not, I repeat NOT a public threat to wear a certain color or thing around your NECK! THIS is America and if you can wear a tattoo on your forehead or a ring in your nose a simple scarf around one’s neck should not make NATIONAL NEWS! What’s next, if you wear red, green and white at the same time you’re a MEXICAN and should be deported! Or are we going so very far as to want to publicly Mark people we don’t like for whatever reason. Hey, I know why don’t we make any one with dark hair or brown eyes have a P T tattooed on their foreheads so that we can identify them as POSSIBLE TERRORIST, and maybe we could burn them at the stake too. Or I know let’s build camps where we can put them and their families so we can “watch” them like we did the Japanese Americans in the 1940’s after Pearl Harbor. Have we not learned ANYTHING as a people? Why are a few being allowed to dictate such bizarre actions and hurting innocent people? Let me be sure I have the facts straight one more time a well-known public personality chef by the name of RACHEL RAY, a female, American citizen, wore a scarf around her neck in an advertisement for coffee for a donut company on the web. OOPS! A black and white printed fringed scarf, around HER neck.This wasn’t even a bad fashion move!

The Boys and I have also watched and experienced in disbelief the fear and NEW racism that is running wild in our country. I have been refused service in restaurants and was asked by a supposedly well-educated client if I had my citizenship card yet, meaning a green card to work here, after he had just given me a lecture on knowing the difference between the different Asian peoples. YEP! MOMZILLA came out and informed him that not only was I an AMERICAN CITIZEN, but my ancestors were here FIRST! I have also heard that when my monster baby 2 went to the Mandir in Little Rock, which is a HINDU Temple that the priest had to explain that they were not Muslims or TERRORIST before they could build the temple. So…I won’t be buying any coffee from DUNKIN’DONUT’S for the following reasons…THERE AREN’T ANY WHERE I LIVE, but if there were, I still wouldn’t because THIS is stupid! And I have a real prejudice against STUPID people!



May 27, 2008


I have made a very sad mistake today…I ASSUMED that a call coming in to us with an 866 prefix was just another bill collector for my mother or some credit card company. Yes, I am on the DO NOT CALL list but there are exceptions even for that list. And every time I answer the phone with this prefix showing on the caller ID, they either hang-up or are not some one that we want or NEED to talk to. Since the number is in David’s name and it is posted as such, and it is a business that we have, there are days when the phone just won’t stop ringing. Today was one of those days. WE are never just doing one project for just one client, so at any given time each of us (boys included) can be working on a different projects. That was the case today, and ALL of us were busy, and ALL of us had something in our hands that was NOT easy to just set down. Brett was welding, David was elbow deep in resin, Kale was running errands for the rest of us, and I was answering phones and putting the finishing touches on a commission with HOT clay. As I answered the phone the woman asked to speak to David and there was a weird lag time when I asked who was calling and to what it was pertaining too. I was not about to interrupt him for a call that was not of any importance. Each time I asked a question trying to find out just what it was that this woman wanted I heard the weird lag. I know that that also occurs with some of our international clients, but I seemed to get very vague response from her. I then made my sad mistake. I told the woman that I wasn’t sure that she was on the up and up at which time she stated that she was in fact a contractor and had many multi-million dollar contracts (all that did for me was send off more bells and whistles) and asked if we did in fact work with bronze when I said yes I also got a little (well… a lot) snippy with her and explained that I was David’s partner and asked just how could I help her. It was then that I believe she told me that she was deaf (which explained the lag time in responses) and asked for a quote.

The bottom line is she was MORE than a little nice for even having stayed on the phone with me and giving us a chance for a quote on a bid for a commission. The fact that we were having a bad time communicating was mostly MY fault, and I DO know better. SO I am publicly confessing my bad behavior and hoping that some one out there in cyber land will learn from my MISTAKE. Brett heard most of my side of the conversation and when I got off the phone looked at me and said WOW! I can’t believe that she actually stayed on the phone with you! She had ended the call by telling me that she would email the info that we needed to do a quote and I told her that I would be looking for it on the computers…I still wasn’t convinced that she was on the up and up until I got a VERY nice email from her…talk about killing with kindness and practicing what we all preach…So here I sit bouncing on my exercise ball and typing away (which I find not only a great way to exercise while I’m on the computer, but FUN) I’m thinking that even though David has responded to her request ( He’s does the quotes) I need to email her and Thank Her for her kindness. I must practice what I preach and live by example.



May 19,2008

 For the presidential election…don’t bother to vote. It won’t count any way! Only the delegate’s get to choose who the next president will be. The people haven’t chosen the president in years…but we keep going to the poles.

There are still ways to get around the fact that we are not happy with the 2 party choices for the presidency. It’s very simple and could change the election to how it should be, popular vote. With the current structure those states that have not had their primary’s vote really don’t count for much. As you can see the playing field was narrowed by “delegates” down to 2 and with the party rep Howard Dean telling us for weeks now that Hillary doesn’t have a chance to catch up.

It’s true that we the people can’t do anything about the price of oil and gas or food for that matter, because we have all been busy saying, “ Let the government take care of us”.

Well they have and now we have no better health care, no less poverty, and no more free enterprise. The government controls it all for you right down to what they think is “safe” for you to eat and now how much. WE are all very likely to age broke and sick…but the government will place you in a nursing home with people who don’t give a flip about you so that your kids can keep working just to feed theirs, because you can’t leave them anything. At it explains the current process that is used.

May 20




May 27



D-Non-binding primary; R-Primary

June 3




June 3

New Mexico



June 3

South Dakota



June 28



State Convention

Source:  All data gathered by NCSL from state election

Why would any one in these states even bother to vote they don’t have the same choices that Iowa had in January or all the other states in February.

And I cannot even vote for either side that would have Bill Richardson on the ticket or Mike Huckabee. BUT…I will vote and I will write my choice in. Hoping that someday it will make a difference. Hoping that George Carlin would want the job.



May 14, 2008


This is from an email and because I feel it is worth the time to print it and I believe that the reason that we have an immigration problem is because the Native Americans had no immigration laws…real or not and I did not check on snopes to see if it was…because I don’t care if it was really written by this Rosemary or not. I think it is well stated, and I agree! Since I still have the right to state what I believe in…here it is.


Subject: Unpublished letter to editor - Orange County Register


  • This is a very good letter to the editor. This woman made some good points.
  • For some reason, people have difficulty structuring their arguments when arguing against supporting the currently proposed immigration revisions. This lady made the argument pretty simple. NOT printed in the Orange County Paper...................
  • Newspapers simply won't publish letters to the editor which they either deem politically incorrect (read below) or which does not agree with the philosophy they're pushing on the public. This woman wrote a great letter to the editor that should have been published; but, with your help it will get published via cyberspace!
  • From: "David LaBonte"
  • My wife, Rosemary, wrote a wonderful letter to the editor of the OC Register which, of course, was not printed. So, I decided to "print" it myself by sending it out on the Internet. Pass it along if you feel so inclined. Written in response to a series of letters to the editor in the Orange County Register:
  • Dear Editor:
  • So many letter writers have based their arguments on how this land is made up of immigrants. Ernie Lujan for one, suggests we should tear down the Statue of Liberty because the people now in question aren't being treated the same as those who passed through Ellis Island and other ports of entry.
  • Maybe we should turn to our history books and point out to people like Mr. Lujan why today's American is not willing to accept this new kind of immigrant any longer. Back in 1900 when there was a rush from all areas of Europe to come to the United States, people had to get off a ship and stand in a long line in New York and be documented. Some would even get down on their hands and knees and kiss the ground. They made a pledge to uphold the laws and support their new country in good and bad times. They made learning English a primary rule in their new American households and some even changed their names to blend in with their new home.
  • They had waved good bye to their birth place to give their children a new life and did everything in their power to help their children assimilate into one culture. Nothing was handed to them. No free lunches, no welfare, no labor laws to protect them. All they had were the skills and craftsmanship they had brought with them to trade for a future of prosperity.
  • Most of their children came of age when World War II broke out. My father fought along side men whose parents had come straight over from Germany, Italy, France and Japan . None of these 1st generation Americans ever gave any thought about what country their parents had come from. They were Americans fighting Hitler, Mussolini and the Emperor of Japan. They were defending the United States of America as one people.
  • When we liberated France, no one in those villages were looking for the French-American or the German American or the Irish American. The people of France saw only Americans. And we carried one flag that represented one country. Not one of those immigrant sons would have thought about picking up another country's flag and waving it to represent who they were. It would have been a disgrace to their parents who had sacrificed so much to be here. These immigrants truly knew what it meant to be an American. They stirred the melting pot into one red, white and blue bowl.
  • And here we are in 2007 with a new kind of immigrant who wants the same rights and privileges. Only they want to achieve it by playing with a different set of rules, one that includes the entitlement card and a guarantee of being faithful to their mother country. I'm sorry, that's not what being an American is all about. I believe that the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island in the early 1900's deserve better than that for all the toil, hard work and sacrifice in raising future generations to create a land that has become a beacon for those legally searching for a better life. I think they would be appalled that they are being used as an example by those waving foreign country flags.
  • And for that suggestion about taking down the Statue of Liberty, it happens to mean a lot to the citizens who are voting on the immigration bill. I wouldn't start talking about dismantling the United States just yet.
  • (signed) Rosemary LaBonte
  • LET THIS NEVER HAPPEN!! I sincerely hope this letter gets read by millions of people all across the nation!!


  • May 10, 2008

I have about a fraction of a minute to get my writing in tonight as once again we are under a tornado watch with thunderstorms. The boys just got their grades in and even though their in college and don’t have to show me their grades any more they still do, and I being the mom that I am, I am very proud to say both did VERY well once again. Being a mom has been the very best thing that I have ever chosen to do. All of my boys are very bright and have grown into wonderful men. With mother’s day this Sunday many moms are expecting a gift of some sort from their children. Most years I get a new rose brush this year I got a glass head from Brett and his girl friend Jessica, petunias and handbags that I bought for my self from David…sweet man that he is. Kale is trying to figure out just what it is that I would want even though I keep telling him I have everything a mom could want a wonderfully happy healthy family. YEP…I am a sap at heart.

I wanted to be a mom forever and loved all my dolls and stuffed toys knowing that I was the best mommy to them that I could be. I did have help from my beloved Granny rescuing my dog fluffy from the trash where the evil witch (aka… my birth mother) would put him only to wash him and re-stuff him time and time again. I still have him tucked away in a very safe place (storage). Granny and I could not rescue my teddy bear from her, she set him on fire to make sure of it. The point being that not every woman should be a mother, and mine was one of those. But what did happen in my life allowed me to have many women instead of just one, as a positive role model to create in my mind what a good mother should be. Some of those women were my friends’ mothers and my aunts and I have to say both of my half-sisters Bobbie and Julie. I have memories of both doing wonderfully beautiful motherly things for me. They were in their teens when I was born…I remember being very very young and Julie wrapping me in a ugly green blanket and rocking me in her arms to get me down for a nap, I was still in my crib. I remember her humming and talking sweetly to me. Again when I was still very tiny her giving me a bath and rubbing lotion on my tummy and drawing pictures in the lotion on my tummy making me laugh. Bobbie was always making me clothes and fixing my hair in the very latest of styles, she bought me my white gogo boots and bell bottoms…It was Bobbie who took me shopping and to the state fair and Julie took me to my very first museum on the University of New Mexico campus where she was going to school to be a teacher. I watched the Christmas Parade from the balcony of the Albuquerque National Bank where Bobbie work that was reserved for the children of employees. Both came to Arkansas for my wedding to David in 2001. So I was a both lucky and unlucky…Having a woman whom gave birth to me not want me and having been a cruel and abusive person in my life and having many wonderful women to step up to the plate and love me just because I was a child…not theirs biologically, but theirs in their hearts. To all the mothers of my life and all the women who have opened their hearts to a child and loved them…Happy Mother’s Day!


MOMzilla…aka, Bre



May 6, 2008


Here we go again with yet another nut that thinks he is the be all end all way to God, and using children to get there. Just what exactly do people need in their lives so badly that they will blindly follow these yahoos? I am really trying hard to understand the human needs of a supreme beings. I understand the age-old question of who am I and what am I doing here, wanting to understand how and why we were created. I want to know too, but I refuse to follow any person including the Pope that believes that they are the appointed entity to “enlighten” we lesser beings. I remember when I was growing up and in Catholic Catechism (which I hated going to and most of these people that were teaching were MEAN!) thinking (because even back then I questioned everything) why do I have to go talk to a person to talk to God and isn’t he tired of hearing Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s. While I was not known by my peers as a questioning or rebellious person, in my little mind I was planning…for the day that I would never go back to church. No one could or can make me believe that that is where I have to go to be in touch with God, and I most definitely will never ever believe that as a female I am a lesser being to God. Or that I was created to serve “Man”, mankind as in HUMAN, I can agree with. Oh, I know what many of you are thinking, but the bible says…NOTHING that some very smart men didn’t think would help them in controlling people to do what they wanted them to do. To prove my point gospel according to John, Luke, and Mathew or according to the nuts in New Mexico or Texas, they are self a pointed as the voice of God. But since I believe it is their GOD given right to believe what ever they choose as long as it does not affect the well being of children, they can claim to be the voice of GOD. But my God believes in honoring children and helping them to grow in a positive light not in shadows of what relationships between males and females really should be. Caring and lovingly wonderful with equal footing, RESPECTING each for who they are. So I say unto you go be true to your self and say BLESSED BE I AM OF GOD…my God has no boundaries, but for you nuts cases in the world I will pray to my God that you will be hunted down like the animals that you are.



Cinco de Mayo

Or May 5, 2008

I just have to make a brief MOMZILLA statement about everything being written in English and Spanish…WE live in the United States of America if you don’t want to speak or read in our language LEAVE! The 5th of May is NOT a holiday here, the 4th of July is! If I or any other American goes to live in another country we would be expected to learn the language spoken there. And to the businesses that advertised “Happy Cinco de Mayo” I hope Wal-Mart runs you into the ground too! The next time I am asked if I have my citizenship or a visa I am going to blow-up! Dark hair and skin is a natural coloring for NATIVE AMERICANS!!!!! My ancestors were HERE FIRST! Now with that said lets move on.

I have been very lax in writing lately…I have been busy working! I know that that seems like an excuse, but we took on doing a rush job, and a rush job means 12-16 hour days and maybe/probably even 18-hour days before we are through. My thoughts were to do this job and to take it much easier for the rest of the summer and have more fun. Like out on the lake on the boat more than twice this year, maybe a camping trip with the boys to dig for diamonds or some other far fetched gem. Go gold panning or take out the metal detector and walk a beach. Or maybe see about DOING that long list of projects we have like building our green house or the deck on the back of the house. Painting the inside of the house, or working on FINISHING the landscaping project in front of the house. Better yet how about doing some FUN art for the front yard. I am wanting to spend a little more time enjoying life. Because as the saying goes Life’s short and then we die!


I have recently been looking at things differently; we all know that we are going to die yet we spend a lot of time not living here in this life. This is my one-year anniversary with my latest brush with death. In my case I have used up yet another of my nine lives. If I have counted correctly this should be number 8 and that means the next will be the end! Don’t start thinking that you need to add my name to some pray chain somewhere, my soul is just fine and will go where wayward souls go. And if those that are praying are so busy praying for others that they are they missing the point of living their lives…just what are they praying for…that I live, that I fine salvation (how do they know that I haven’t?)…I am at peace with my God and have been for a very long time, and I know that I am going to die, and so are you!

So here’s a little momzilla wisdom… don’t smoke, don’t drink, eat right, exercise and die anyway! WE are going to die…that has always been in the “plan” and yet every one I know and those that I don’t speak in hush voices about it. When my late husband Bill was diagnosed with leukemia my youngest son Kale was 6 month old and we had just moved to Loveland. I had no family and no close friends just me to feel sorry for me. It didn’t take me but about 3 minutes to get over it because I had two little boys counting on me to feed them and take care of their needs. It was not happening because we were “bad” people it just was happening and after working in health care all of my life to that point I knew that, but I still could feel my self panicking about what to do. WE never spoke about the fact that WE knew that leukemia was a death sentence, or how long Bill might have to live we pretended that nothing was wrong for 5 years. WE told only a very few people and family members. He did no chemo just herbs and diet stuff for 5 years and then he got sick. Over the next 3 years it was rough for all of us, but I had to explain to my boys that their daddy was not going to be with them forever and he was going to die and that was permanent.

I have a young Friend and adoptee child named Rachael, a few years ago Rachael had a stroke and was diagnosed with a very serious heart condition. It is not something that one would expect for a woman in her early 30’s. I watched as Rachael and her real mom went though the phases of grief and acceptance. My advice to Rachael has been to live everyday to the fullest. I told her that I could have less time than she did on this planet…little did I know at the time that was very close to true. She and her mom are now going through the same process again only this time her mom is sick. I am not saying that any one needs to live with reckless abandon to the point of foolishness. I am saying that we all need to remember that this life is not forever…seize the day! Live your life to the fullest and be kind to your self.

We finished the Korean War Veterans Memorial during the time that I was recovering from surgery. One week after have my hysterectomy I walked out (slowly and loopie) to the shop and went back to work. The surgery was not by choice and I ended up taking 7 units of blood that I needed to survive. I not only am Thankful to the people who donated the blood so that I might live, but that I lived to tell you about it. Am I all better now…no, but I am better than I was a year ago. And that is last brush with death is one of the reasons I am writing…to tell the people in my life that they made a difference and to say what I want to say. They carved David and My name in the Stone arch of the Korean War Veterans Memorial…so my name is already in stone and I’m not even dead yet! So a year later and on to the next project…

morning glories




April 20, 2008


My son Brett loves the feature Stumble Upon and uses it extensively. One of the things he has checked in his preferred profile is Art. That is a very logical choice for him since he not only works with us and for us, but he is also a Fine Arts Major at UCA. The monster is very Talented and that is not just mommies pride talking. I am writing about this topic tonight per his request. He is wanting me to give my opinion both as and artist and a woman in reference to an article on the web Thursday, April 17, 2008 By Catherine Donaldson-Evans of FOX NEWS. The article is about an Art major which is a student at YALE and her senior art project. If you have heard about it or not the statement made by Yale is almost as disturbing as this young woman’s project. This is a quote from the article; "The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body," said Helaine S. Klasky, associate dean and vice president for public affairs at Yale. "Ms. Shvarts is engaged in performance art. Her art project includes visual representations, a press release and other narrative materials."

"She is an artist and has the right to express herself through performance art," Klasky said in the statement.

The headline for this article;

Yale Officials Conclude Student's Shocking Claim of 'Abortion Art' Was 'Creative Fiction'

AS an artist Abortion is not an ART form. AS a woman ABORTION is not an art form. What this young woman has done is not an art FORM. Here’s why. If in fact she has falsified the whole thing as she has stated just to get people to react she might want to rethink her major. Yes, I know that art is suppose to evoke an emotion but what exactly is artistic about an abortion spontaneous or surgical, it’s not anything more that a unfortunate event. There is nothing artistic about it, messy yes. Sad yes. Artistic NO!!!

Now MOMZILLA says…what on GOD’S GREEN EARTH is this child and this nut case Klasky thinking. Form and function of a woman’s body is dancing naked in the moonlight in the snow with shadows of the night is engaging in performance art with visual representation and if the dancer was singing and was filmed then it would be porn! I am not saying that all lines are that black and white, and there is a very fine line between right and wrong and decent and indecent. YES, she does have the right to express her self and the doctors in most states have the right and the reasonability to lock her crazy little tush up for a complete psyche eval, because even making a false or untrue statement about inseminating ones self to induce a abortion is in fact stating that you are not playing with a full deck! I also know that there are those out there that believe ANY attention is good, and I think that all of those young women needed a good swift kick in the pootootee too! Or maybe just a parent that would not be worried about stifling their little creative genius and JUST SAY NO! 

ART Form my eye…go sculpt something, write a bestseller sell a gazillion copies, contribute something positive. Now that’s an art form.



April 18, 2008

I recently told my friend Karen that I might write about her here. Though she said she had no problem with me doing that, I realized that I was having a great deal of trouble remembering most of my Junior High years which is the time frame that Karen and I spent closely being best of friends to each other. Not remembering those years very well started to have me concerned, because the one thing that I do remember is spending a great deal of time crying in the school counselors’ office. Her name was Susie Kubia’ (I hope I spelled that right) and I took up a tremendous amount of this woman’s time. Time that she willing gave to a very troubled little girl. I started junior high when I was 10 and even if I could keep up with my peers academically, emotionally I was a little girl with a problem that society had yet to recognize. Emotional abuse with some serious domestic stuff, and as I have since learned, metal illness of my mother, which was the main abuser. But the scariest part of not being able to remember is what I do remember and now am wondering why I’m even here. What my sweet friend Karen didn’t know and I’m not sure any one else at the school did either, is I was being poisoned by today’s standards. Not intentionally I’m sure but it was defiantly a sign of the times.

The year was 1970, and the answer for everything drugs, both legal and illegal. Especially for females. Remember the movie “Valley of the Dolls”, and “Go Ask Alice” In my case legal prescription drugs were given to me. Doses that are considered toxic today and meds that are rarely used for children and only under the watchful eyes of healthcare workers, the worst of which should not have been given together. The reason; my stomach was so torn up from the stress at home that I was throwing up a lot. So they took me to the family Doctor, this guy had just replaced our aging family doctor that retired and I didn’t like him or trust him. Tonight after doing some research I know why. This man put a 10 year old female child on Librium, Valium and Donatal TOGETHER, two or three times a day.

As an Adult I had not even thought about this until AFTER the email from Karen. Here is what I found out from about 10 minutes of search time on the web.


USES: Chlordiazepoxide is used to treat anxiety and acute alcohol withdrawal. It is also used to relieve fear and anxiety before surgery. This medication belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. SIDE EFFECTS: Drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, constipation, blurred vision, or headache may occur, serious side effects mental/mood changes, slurred speech, clumsiness, trouble walking, decreased/increased interest in sex, tremor, uncontrollable movements, facial or muscle twitching, trouble urinating, sleep disturbances, very serious side effects: fainting, stomach/abdominal pain, persistent nausea, vomiting, fatigue, yellowing eyes or skin, dark urine, persistent sore throat or fever. Symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include: rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, trouble breathing.

What is Donnatal (belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital)?

Phenobarbital is in a group of drugs called barbiturates (bar-BIT-chur-ates). Phenobarbital slows the activity of your brain and nervous system.

Belladonna alkaloids produce many effects in the body, including reduced muscle spasms in the digestive or urinary tract, an reduced fluid secretions from certain glands or organs.

What is the most important information I should know about Donnatal (belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital)?

Phenobarbital may be habit-forming and should be used only by the person it was prescribed for. This medication should never be shared with another person, especially someone who has a history of drug abuse or addiction. Keep the medication in a secure place where others cannot get to it.

Tell your doctor if you regularly use other medicines that make you sleepy (such as cold or allergy medicine, narcotic pain medicine, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, and medicine for seizures, depression, or anxiety). They can add to sleepiness caused by belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital. This medication can cause side effects that may impair your thinking or reactions. Be careful if you drive or do anything that requires you to be awake and alert. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking this medication or you could have increased dizziness and drowsiness.Avoid becoming overheated or dehydrated during exercise and in hot weather. Belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital can decrease perspiration and you may be more prone to heat stroke.

Diazepam first marketed as Valium, is a benzodiazepine derivative drug. It possesses anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, sedative, skeletal muscle relaxant and amnestic properties. It is commonly used for treating anxiety, insomnia, seizures, alcohol withdrawal, and muscle spasms. It may also be used before certain medical procedures (such as endoscopies) to reduce tension and anxiety, and in some surgical procedures to induce amnesia.[1][2] Diazepam is used to treat a wide range of conditions and has been one of the most frequently prescribed medications in the world for the past 40 years.

Special caution needed

  • Pediatric patients
    • Less than 18 years of age - Treatment usually not indicated, except treatment of epilepsy, and pre-/postoperative treatment. The smallest possible effective dose should be used for this group of patients.

I guess I should be grateful that I am even breathing now. I also understand now why I do not like anything that leaves me feeling that I am not in complete control of my body and mind. I have NEVER ever been intoxicated nor do I plan to be. I don’t even like taking pain meds after having major surgery. So while you all are out there whoopin’ it up…I will sit by and watch like I have since I got off the junk that this quack had me on when I was young. I know when I got off the stuff…I was 14 in 10th grade in Rio Grande High School. My mother and I had another confrontation and she told me she wished I was dead and told me that I should take all the pills at once…so I did. I called that counselor from junior high and told her what was happening. She called an ambulance and the police, which took me to the hospital. I went ALONE. When I got there they were very confused as they had the bottles of the drugs that I had taken and they did the works of ipecac and drug screens with blood and body fluids. I was toxic and AWAKE! Up set that I couldn’t even get that right. When a very pretty blonde haired blue-eyed nurse came in and told me that I was a very lucky girl and that “god” wasn’t finished with me yet, and left. I asked if I could talk to her some more and was told that no one that looked like that worked there. I decided that I had been visited by a very special nurse and I knew she was right…god hadn’t finished with me yet and still hasn’t.


April 15, 2008

I GOT MAIL! While some of my friends that I email the link to the Korean War Memorial didn’t write back through momzillaonline, they have emailed me, they for the first time have gotten to see my work…well the Big ones any way. And they liked it. I am always wondering if they are just saying that because they love me and are my friends…Nah…they love me and would tell me the truth in a heart beat. They have also informed me on more that one occasion that if I got the big head over my work they would knock it off my shoulders for me and remind me that I am just a peon. They know that I will always be my own worst critic. I have a bad habit of throwing my work in the trash when I’m done because I don’t like it. Thank Goodness I have people around me that rescues my work from me and the trash. When I lived in Loveland my neighbor across the street was a framer she watched me throw a face that I had done in leather in the trash and when I left to go get the boys from school she dug it out and framed it. I’m not sure how but another friend’s husband got it and entered it in an art show …the piece won a blue ribbon! With no help from me!

And yes it has also been sold! But there are other pieces out there that I have given away and I know that the recipient was thinking, “What am I going to do with this…thing”. Hey, put it the attic when I’m dead it might be worth something to your grandkids!

As I stated before I would be editing out the more personal stuff, which is what I have chosen to do with this email from another schooldays bud…Kalah. She is the reason that Dragon Forge is up as a link (on the right side) and you need to check out the fabously beautimus work they do, darlings.

Kalah said:

Hi, Bre

Thanks for the plug on your website, it's appreciated!

 Wow!  The memorial is great! What a terrific project to have. You did a wonderful job!

That Orphan Copyright Legislation thing has been flying around for a while. This is something I found that explains it pretty well. I thought you might want to take a look at it.

 This was in reference to my last post and now for those of you who would like to read 133 pages of government explanations from 2006 as to why they say they want to do this you can. So that you know I DO know what it says and have read it and did so before the first post, my person comment on this is “Yes, something does need to be done about “Orphaned” works, but I still have a problem with “companies like Microsoft making a profit off of small works created and NOT protecting such artist.” I didn’t think that I needed to post where to find it, I really had hoped that more of you would if fact research something before sounding off about it, now thanks to Kalah we have made it easier for you to do that. But in case that doesn’t happen I am going to remember that “you can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make them drink” motto.



April 13, 2008


This is important if you are any one that cares about your rights and the rights of others in this country. Today another artist, Carol Katchen notified David about this article that could affect ALL artist in the United States.It is about new Orphan Works legislation.

Mind Your Business: You Will Lose All The Rights to Your Own Art

This is a 3-page article by a Mark Simon (might be a relative don’t know)in Animation World Magazine about how we could lose our rights of automatically copywriting our work that we have created. It’s not like artist don’t already have to be careful about others coping their work or trying to “profit” from some one else’s work. In most cases we have no problems like when some one photographs my works and post them on flickr, but if the photos were sold and made into postcard that the photographer makes a tidy profit from with out paying me royalties is it fair. YES and No. I will use the Arkansas Korean War Veterans Memorial as an example. In the case of the monument we own the copy right automatically when we created it. When we installed it, it became a “public work of art” but we still own the copyright. ALL that means is no one can COPY the monument with out our permission, that doesn’t include photographs. Why? Photography is a different medium. The Photographer is doing his own ARTwork. While the subject matter is my work in his work. IT can get very complicated, and there are Lawyers that specialize in ART LAW. But this is not about that it is about having to register every single piece of work that is created for a FEE to a company that is lobbying to have this done so that they can make a PROFIT off of the works of ARTIST with out doing anything! If you have even one creative cell in your body, or if you are just tired of big business taking advantage of the little guy WRITE your congressman and senators about this bill. Since this is a favorite pass time of mine I can tell you to do it via Email. Why because the public officials are so very frightened of the people that pay their salaries and elected them that they DON’T OPEN regular mail! “There might be some thing in it”! Yep!…LIKE A COMPLAINT!

In any case WE the people of the United States of America need to protect OUR RIGHTS! BE informed! They can’t put all of us in jail! (GIGGLES) In the mean time, enjoy the ART especially the works that you don’t even think about and carry around in your pockets! And may you have lots of different ones to enjoy!



April 11, 2008

While searching the web the other night I came upon photos taken of the Korean War Veterans Memorial that’s in Little Rock, Arkansas that I did along with my Husband David. I sent a link to a few family and friends because the photos were so much superior to anything we have. In fact I thought they were awesome. I even emailed the guy that took the photos and who had them on and thanked him for making the sculptures look so good. I figured that I didn’t need to bookmark where I found them because after all it was on public flickr…I should be able to fine them again with out any problem. WRONG!

I tried for hours to bring them back up with no luck and then I remembered that I gotten smart and emailed the link from the site to a couple of friends and an uncle that I had not sent any to. NOT one of them got them! Now I’m thinking that I had a dream about this or something because I am again searching and after another 4 hours still can’t fine the link. In fact, I couldn’t even get my flickr account thru yahoo to come up. At that point I googled flickr and even with a search on flickr, still could not fine the photos. So I emailed the flickr support and in less than an hour got a reply, very impressive. Following their directions still didn’t get me to the photos, but I did find another persons photos of the monument, and then I had a bright idea! Email this person and when I clicked to sign in and found…emails sent, and the guy with the photos I was looking for. WOOOHOOO! David being the brilliant guy that he is had me send him a copy of the http address. When it worked for him, I knew that it would work for others and I sent it to family and friends that had not seen any photos of the monument. I told them to let me know what they thought of my work, well out of 10, I have only heard from one person, Cindy. Being the softies that we are, she made me cry when she said how proud of me she was and of course I made her cry when I reminded her that SHE was one of the only people who was with me at my very first show in Loveland so many years ago. Not even my own husband at the time went. The others were my Wonderful neighbors Sharon and Vernell Roberts. My friend Karen, whom I have been friends with since Junior High School…is now also a wonderful cheerleader for my work. She and Cindy are both in Colorado, one in the east and one in the west and more than likely up to their ears in SNOW right now according to the national weather channel. Now, I could sit here and believe that every body is taking the stance “if you can’t say anything nice…don’t so anything at all”, but NOOOOO…I’m thinking that they still didn’t get it and it went into those internet black holes they mentioned in the news today, or more than likely spam folders.

We emailed the photographer and asked if it was okay to share the site and his work and he was gracious in saying yes. So here’s the link and I hope you like the work as well as the photos.

If a direct link doesn’t work copy and paste it into your browser or go to and search Arkansas Korean War Memorial.

NOW one last thing…if you like them let me and the photographer know, being an artist he needs the positive strokes too. It’s that artistic ego thing again and my own insecurities.



Susan B Anthony' Quote

"I distrust those people who
know so well what God wants
because I notice it always coincides
with their own desires."

Source: Susan B Anthony; Susan B Anthony Quotes  

This next topic is in the news, and while I am all for our constitutional rights I mentally draw the line when it comes to children being forced to do things in the name of God by men! I left the Catholic Church because I never could understand why we had a POPE! Who died and left him in charge? I mean what is His real job other than having others serve him like…a god! I don’t need another person to talk to God, any god on my behalf; I can talk just fine for myself. People have been saying that GOD has told them to do things forever and that’s when I get leery. Jim Jones, The guy they called the “SON of SAM, Charles Manson all said they heard the voice of God, and he told them to do things. Horrid things to very innocent people, most resulting in a painful death. If my very poor memory is serving me correctly at the moment I also believe that this behavior of killing in the name of God started getting way out of hand with the crusades, and is still happening today in some form in the middle east. Unlike many I don’t believe it’s about oil I believe it’s about religious control. To say it simply if you don’t believe like I want you to believe I get to kill you in the name of my GOD.

Warren Jeffs has formed a cult. It’s not a cult because of the way they dress or the fact that the female followers stay home and raise children. I don’t have a problem with them wanting to break away from the Mormon Church of Later Day Saints; I don’t even have a problem with the polygamy thing as long as it is with consenting ADULTS! I do have a problem with any religion that is a BENDER! What’s a Bender any one who can and does take words and BENDS them to suit their purpose. Lawyers and Politicians included. But you don’t see them forming cults.

The definition of a cult is as follows;

CULT - From the Latin "cultis" which denotes all that is

involved in worship, ritual, emotion, liturgy and attitude.

This definition actually denotes what we call denominations

and sects and would make all religious movements a cult.

Because I believe that it is our moral duty to protect the young of our country,(even if it means it could violate the parental rights of the parents of the child) to NOT allow sexual or physical abuse. I think this group is hiding behind GOD when in fact they are nothing more than dirty old men and pedophiles! The latest, of the bed in the temple thing rates right up there with throwing a virgin into the volcano or the virgin sacrifices that we use to see in the movies.

I have a hard time believing that GOD, any GOD would want it’s people to suppress one another, in any form. I do not fit in with many religious churches beliefs, especially here in the south as my husbands family has made so very clear to me, but I will state once and for all I AM AN ORDAINED MINISTER and I have just as much right to GOD as any one else. By the laws of the United States of America I am good to perform my duties as such. I chose to practice what most preach, kindness, good will toward others and I follow the Ten Commandments by CHOICE! Not because they are posted somewhere.

The actions by these men are not of God, nor are murders by others that Believe someone is not following God’s will. The commandments don’t say thou shall not kill except for those that you disagree with. I have many friends and none of them seem to care what church I go to or if I even go. So remove GOD from this equation, and look at it in the context of if it were your little girl ,niece or sister…would you want them forced to marry someone old enough to be their GRANDFATHER, because some one said that is what we do and don’t ask any questions. In any other place, even the “uncivilized parts” of the world this type of behavior is not the norm.

To not further traumatize these children I think they should be place in homes that would be similar in believes with out the abuse. There are many male dominated religious sects that do not practice such lude behaviors. While I personally do not believe in anything that is not of equal stature I am not oppose to those who wish to live that way.

I also think that the men in this group should be prosecuted for sexual assault on a child, as many counts as wives times the years married if she was under the age of Texas law.

This could be a gray area though…as in... is it abuse if you don’t know that it is. They should be thanking god that the sheriff in Texas is not a woman.



April 9, 2008


As I folded the mountains of Laundry that I am having to catch up on, I thought about all the things I would be writing about tonight and now that I have sat down to write I can’t remember a blasted thing. But, I have the weather channel on and I am sure that those who care are wondering after the last post if I’m underwater. The creek has once again done a great job of letting the water flow to the lake. And while the storms are once again pounding the lovely route that I drive back and forth to Tulsa on a regular basis I am sitting on my tuffet in front of the keyboard in the office…waiting for the next round to hit us. I decided that if I started writing that the power would go out then come back on and we would be done once again for the evening. And…I’m not going to be driving tomorrow either, but next week I doubt I’ll be that lucky as I have to go see at least one client possible as many as 3. WE have had some damage though; every major roof of every building except Brett’s brand new Mobile Home has a leak from somewhere. The leak in the house has caused a nice big hole in the ceiling in the living room where it got so wet it fell down. I wanted to replace it with tin tiles anyway! HA. The carpet in the studio is soaked from the rain pooling at the double doors and in the back corner it looks like from the ceiling as well. We were planning on removing everything and reorganizing it to be a better workspace anyway…just might have to step up the timetable. The main shop has several drip points, but nothing that a caulking gun can’t fix. I haven’t even checked the storage buildings yet, but I’m sure they have a leak or two also. There are advantages to living in the mountains as we are still less likely to be hit by a tornado, and the ground is still absorbing the water because the water table was so far down for so long here. Hot Springs was not so lucky. When I went the next morning to turn in the rental car, we couldn’t get gas because the power was out in most of the city. When we got to Hertz the manager Emily looked a bit stressed and then she told us that all of the cars that were out in front of the building got flooded. She was having trouble getting a customer to understand why they could not have the car they requested, even when she keep repeating that the car had 6 inches of water in the floor board, and they were trying to pump it out. Her fleet had been cut by more than half.

It is becoming worrisome here now, the air is still and it’s warm out, but the real hint of things to come is the frogs have just gone quite, and I can hear thunder in the distance.

I had said in my Last post that I wasn’t getting any emails at, but I had for gotten about a classmate from high school that had emailed me a few weeks ago.

And what you all didn’t know is that your email DOESN’T POST on the site unless I post it. I have a personal thing about privacy. You can email me with out fear! While I may refer to what is said I will only be posting what I am told is okay to do so and I will black out your address.My Sweet childhood friend that I told the story about in a earlier post email me today.This email is an exception as I think Lynn thought that it would post. Now she will also know that is not the case.

 Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Brenda,

I will be your first email responce to your blog. Not here to argue but just a friendly  Lil reminder of your "New Years resolution " in 1st blog entry. :o) Glad you got home safe and that God lit your path so you could see the tree. I think I would have been looking for a place to spend the night. Sat.,Sun., and Mon. were sunny but we did get an inch of rain today.  Take Care , Lynn

Point taken…I will try harder…Happy Birthday Lynn!




April 6, 2008

I am feeling just a little slighted as I have been on the web for 2 months now and I have not gotten a single email. I know you’re out there reading my site or at the very least clicking on it because the counter says so. And I know that it is not just my family and friends visiting the site because I don’t know 10,000 people and I still haven’t told my family or most of my friends around the country that I’m doing this. Why? Because they already have to listen to my mouth enough. Next if you are thinking, “I tried the email button and my browser wouldn’t support it”…all you have to do is go to your email and type and you can email me. I’m getting lonely not having some one to argue with. The boys are still at school most of the time and it’s just me and the Big Red Neck out here in the sticks…(WHINE!)


Now that I have gotten that off my chest, let talk about the crazy stuff that has been happening in the world. I’ll even start with a safe topic first…the weather. GEEZ!

I could hear the song by the Doors playing over and over in my head “riders on the storm”…. and that is exactly what I was doing. Riding or driving in that nasty front that was slamming Arkansas from Oklahoma. As I drove back home from Tulsa Thursday night in the storms that pounded Arkansas, my heart was racing in my chest as I crept along on the highway sometimes not going more than 20 mile per hour, I crawled home thru the pooling water on the road, the fog and rain mix or wind and rain mix or just the rain coming down in buckets. Wind, rain and fog blocked my visibility of the road; I realized that you lose things like vanity and ego when you’re afraid. The lighting was flashing so much it was like a strobe light and while it was driving me crazy it at least let me see the DAMN tree fall across the highway in time to miss hitting it. Was I scared…nah…I was beyond scared…to the point that my hands were still hurting yesterday from gripping the steering wheel so tight. I told myself more than once that it would not be a good news spot…and then I would repeat the saying “Today is a good Day to die”. As I got closer to home only one radio station was constantly up dating the weather and interrupting the playing of music. One lonely DJ in Hot Springs (and I can’t at this moment remember the young mans name) that was on the air. I was even more surprised that I picked up the station some 83 miles away. I was already in bad weather, but where he was in Hot Springs it was just starting to rain. David had also informed me that it was not raining at home. I rather bluntly and loudly stated that it was raining and then some and if he could find me the line on the map online that showed where it was going to stop I would appreciate it.

Just so that you all can share in the wonders of life with to much rain at once I am showing the photos of that same creek in my back yard that I took last month with the snow. Not nearly as pretty right now. When I moved here 8 years ago there was a sever drought and forest fires were a very real concern since that’s where we live…now it’s flooding. The creek has never gotten high enough to get close to the house and it has been this way before for us. But the folks in Hot Springs got hit hard too. We are use to loosing power and being cut off for days at a time the folks in the city panic. Which brings me to another topic…things are really tight across the country right now…If you don’t know how to feed your self from anything but MacDonald’s or Burger King it might be a good time to put your typing and web surfing to use and learn about being self reliant. THIS IS MOMZILLA TALKING. Kale is a sophomore at UCA and a mentor in the dorm, he and Brett both live in the same dorm though they don’t share rooms or friends. Both have told me about the young people that have gone to school away from home for the first times in their lives and how they have NO survival skills. I’m talking basics here like how to do laundry, as in how to load the clothes and TURN ON the washer. Might not be a bad idea if your child is heading to school away from you if they can function or at least THINK and PROBLEM SOLVE! But the kicker was during the storms some group of kids at the school was doing something with some Idea of roughing it by sleeping in tents out side on campus. THE campus police had to go get them to come in out of the rain WITH THE TORNADO SIRENS going off. These are supposed to be our brightest and our future. WELL, if they’re too stupid to come in out of the rain…please DON’T give them a degree! They will more than likely starve if they ever can’t get to a store or a restaurant, and I Believe that their parents could be in a real world of hurt (sound southern don’t I…well I try hard ) if they are depending on them to take care of them in their old age.

And yes my boys did learn to do their own laundry. I think Brett was about 10 when I told both of the boys that if their dirty clothes couldn’t make it into the laundry hamper or the laundry pile in the laundry room that they would have to do their own laundry. And when they had to learn to do their laundry I told them to READ the directions on the laundry soap. Hey, I’m their mom not their slave. They also had to help in the garden because that was where we got our food, because there wasn’t enough money to go to MacDonald’s…we had to buy medicine for Daddy. The cute little bunnies that they got for Easter were live and bunny poop went into the garden to make it grow. And even living in the city they knew how to conserve water because you had to PAY for it. So I practice what I preach…I live by “teach them to fish…” Go to a basement during a tornado warning… know what a Tornado Siren means to take cover and that a tent won’t cut it. So the next time something minor comes up Global warming or not, survival might be a topic that you want to discuss with your family. TEACH them to fish!

High Water 002a





April 1,2008


WHEW! The Arkansas Sculptors Show is now come and gone once again and what a show it was. Attendance was way down due to weather. We chose this time of year 3 years ago because it was before Easter after Spring break and usually very pleasant out side and EVERYBODY has Spring Fever and wants to be outside enjoying the weather. NOT this year. When we left the house I looked at David and said “I think we should take these jackets…just in case.” He snickered at me and left his leather jacket home, but did take a very light jacket. I took a fleece lined jacket. After all it was 72 out side at 5:30 am when we left to make the hour and a half drive to Little Rock. We had plenty to do setting up the show so we didn’t notice the temperature dropping all that much until we were done with set up. And then as the day edged toward evening and our preview party the temperature felt more and more like January instead of March. A cold damp wind blew into the pavilion from across the river and made it very uncomfortable for all of us. I called my sweet friend Rachael that was coming to greet our guest and begged for her to bring me something to wear over the thin filmy dress I was planning on wearing. I was so cold by the time I got to our Hotel room to change I just couldn’t bring myself to put that dress on…and went for tan jeans and a sweater instead. Global warming would have been welcomed at this point. Saturday we were promised temps in the mid 60’s, but I don’t think we ever got above 40 though there was less wind. All in all we still had die hard art connoisseurs show up and buy sculpture and for that we are very thankful as they have made what would and could have been a miserable weekend a profitable show. But, the real applause goes to the sculptors in the show for sitting it out wrapped in packing blankets as none of us were prepared for this weather since the weather report kept insisting on it being in the mid to high 60’s and 70’s on Sunday with sunshine, and the sun did shine on Sunday. It came out at 5 o’clock …2 full hours after the show was OVER! WE even had great press all over the State via TV and News Papers. I smiled the whole time I was on air. Still look like an old woman, but hey, age has its advantages…I think…I’ll let you know when I find out what they are.

Over all the show ran very smoothly and next year we are going to try REALLY hard to find a comfortable environment INDOORS to have the show. Really am glad to see this March go. It came in like a lion and went out the same way. As the storms returned last night and no matter how hard I try I can’t wiggle my nose and get the satellite to work so I can post my thoughts. Now if I could Just find the time to rest…. what is the saying no rest for the wicked…. maybe I should try harder to be sugar and spice…Oh well next life! At least I have pretty flowers.

Spring 08 013a





March 24,2008

James Carville is a very funny man. I have watched him for years as a guest on the Tonight Show. I have always thought his political views to be fairly close to mine. But now I have to disagree with him totally on the comment about New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson being like Judas. BILL RICHARDSON is more like “The Joker” when played by Jack Nicholson in Batman. You know the type always smiling, showing off those high dollar pearly whites…I can almost hear him reciting the lines “I’m givin’ away free money….” Or in his case praise for cutting the state's income tax rate, which is pretty much the same thing. And he has about the same amount of ethics and values as the character mentioned. Richardson is said to have told Fox News that he wouldn’t respond by getting “in the gutter like that.” He can’t get any lower when you are already a slithering snake. In a pinch you can google the negative aspects of Bill Richardson’s Career but let me give you just a few high lights…buying a $5.5 million jet, was a probable source of leaks to the press about a federal investigation in New Mexico…or you can believe the “Welcome to the official Facebook Page of Bill Richardson. Get exclusive content and interact with Bill Richardson right from Facebook.” I found.

My reasons for not liking Bill Richardson is personal. I have a problem with elected officials that are NOT accountable to the people they govern. In this case my mother.

I have decided to post the letter that I wrote to him after not being able to get any response from his office by phone or email…and I got no response to my letter either. I send the same letter twice giving him the benefit of the doubt that it got “lost” the first time.


May 24, 2006

November 15, 2006

Governor Bill Richardson

Re: Theresa J. Simon


Governor Richardson,

I have always believed that my home state was superior to all others having lived in several others and visited almost half. It is with deep regret that I contacting you about a very sad issue involving my Mother, Theresa J. Simon and several of your Agencies in your state.

 My Mother was known in the state and through out Albuquerque for her work as an advocate for the disabled and poor. She worked as a non-attorney representative to obtain Social Security for those in need, was very politically active in the state and in Bernalillo County, having received an award from past Governor Bruce King for her volunteerism. Yet she has fallen prey to those who exploit and abuse the elderly.

As you know over the last several years there has been intense movements regarding our elders care, causing many laws and rules to be put into place to stop and prevent Elder Abuse. Elder abuse is a HUGE problem, growing worse daily. Statistics tell us a high percentage of the abusers tend to be the elders’ family members or caregivers, however more often than not the persons who we would expect to be solving the problems turn out to be the ones responsible for causing the problems. Such is the case of Theresa J. Simon of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Failed by the very agency designed to protect her, Adult Protective Services of New Mexico did not pursue her violators, did not notify her immediate family (her only child, as she had never been married) or an attorney on her behalf. While they did intervene, and did establish that she was in fact unable to handle her own affairs or take care of herself, they did not follow the New Mexico Laws outlining what should be done. Those Statues are listed as 27-7-20,27-7-23,27-7-25,27-7-26,27-7-30,30-16-6,30-16-10,30-16-8,30-47-6,41-5-3,45-5-105,45-5-301.1,45-5-311,45-5-402,45-5-501.

Elder Abuse is national defined as follows: “Elder abuse is the infliction of physical, emotional, or psychological harm on an older adult. Elder abuse also can take the form of financial exploitation or intentional or unintentional neglect of an older adult by the caregiver.” Financial exploitation can range from misuse of an elder’s funds to embezzlement. Financial exploitation includes fraud, taking money under false pretenses, forgery, forced property transfers, purchasing expensive items with the older person’s money without the older person’s knowledge or permission, or denying the older person access to his or her own funds or home. It includes the improper use of legal guardianship arrangements, powers of attorney, or conservatorships. It also includes a variety of scams perpetrated by sales people for health-related services, mortgage companies, and financial managers—or even by so-called friends.

ALL of which did in fact transpire and was in fact reported to Adult Protective Services. Adult Protective Services also obtained or helped obtain powers of attorney after a medical evaluation that deemed her unable to manage on her own, knowingly violating New Mexico Statue.

The fact that the health care facilities did not “catch “that my mother was being seen repeatedly seen for falls and confusion is debatable since they felt she needed some additional help. They did not contact Adult Protective Services. Effective interventions can prevent or stop elder abuse. By increasing awareness among physicians, mental health professionals, home health care workers, law enforcement, and others who provide services to the elderly and family members, patterns of abuse or neglect can be broken.

I am sure you are asking your self “what does this woman want from me”. I want the following: Justice, prosecution and restitution from those that have taken advantage of my mother and my self and gained financially by breaking or bending laws, not including false disclosers as a prevention of the deception that took place. A complete restructuring of Adult Protective Service. I want mandatory education of physicians, attorneys, mental health professionals, home health care workers, law enforcement, fire, rescue, ambulance attendants and others who provide services to the elderly and family members. I want them to know the law in your state and for it to be carried out. I want my mother to live out her days in the best care facility that money can buy in the State of New Mexico at the States expense. If I were to be paid at the rate of the others for all the time that I have into this I would be a very wealthy woman. In an attempt to address the problem I as her only child, have been seeking a way to right this wrong. Only to have found out that there is NO governing agency in which Adult Protective Services is accountable for their actions. The extent of the exploitation of this elder is horrific, and has left her penniless and at the mercy of the Medicaid System. I have been attempting to find help at every turn including contacting your office via phone and have yet to hear from your liaison, and I know I’m not alone in this quest. This could be a full time job in of itself.

I am so sad that the bottom line seems to have been how to make an easy buck off an old lady and her family, then let the state pay her bills. There are elder abuse cases unreported or ignored every year. Please try to intervene. First‚ take steps to get more involved Talk to the caregivers/families, assess the situation, and do your best to determine the nature and extent of the problem. We are told to consider seeking assistance from the states Ombudsman, other government agencies‚ or a attorney that focuses on elder abuse, Help is available, but the reality is that family funds to do what is necessary are not available any longer.

I do have the written documentation of what has transpired over the last year involving Theresa J. Simon and am willing to supply any documents in my possession upon your request.


Ethics are not a “convenience”, it determines right and wrong. 

I look forward to your reply. Please contact me at the address below or by phone.




“Bre” Brenda R. Harris

3512 Ragweed Valley Rd.

Royal, AR 71968

Ph 501-991-3886

Fax 501-991-3037


Mr. Richardson it is a very good thing that the rest of the people in this country saw you for exactly what you are. You are as fake as that tan and hair color you are now sporting. I can only hope that your karma catches up to you and takes a good healthy chomp out of you!



Sunday 23,2008


Happy Easter Bunnies!

For those of you that are cringing at my saying that about a Christian Holiday that is suppose to be a time of remembering the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ might want to look around you and note what you BOUGHT for Easter. Did you buy new outfits for yourself and kids just to go to church to listen about the events of old and then come home to eggs either plastic and filled with stuff or boiled and dyed. I never quite understood it when I was little, but I knew it meant a new dress, and shoes…white paten (did I spell that right) and that damn hat. I had to have the hat with the elastic string that cut into your skin under your chin because the stupid thing would not stay on your head with out it. Which I detested with a passion. WE would go to 6 o’clock mass, and that meant getting up at 4:30 to get dressed and drive to the church which was all of 3 blocks away and we had to be early so that we could get the very same pew that we sat in every week. Right up front so that the priest knew we where there. GEEZ!!! There was almost no one else there how could he miss us. WE were awake before God! And why…so that we could “get church out of the way and get on with our day”. By the time I was in my teens, I voiced that I really didn’t think that was a good reason to go to church, being the sweet little thing that I was and as you can tell, I still feel the same way. SO…I went to worship in my way today. OUTSIDE! After I made my guys their favorite stuff for Easter Dinner, which included the usual Ham, candied yams with pecans and marshmallows, potato salad, asparagus, snap peas, deviled eggs. For desert we had banana pudding and strawberry topped angle food cake. A feast for the Holiday for just the 4 of us, and it was quiet and wonderful. This is the first year ever that I did not make the boys baskets and fill them with candy and other stuff…I asked them if it was okay if I didn’t make baskets this year after all they are grown-up. And I like all of the rest of you had fallen into that commercialized trap of “buying” all kinds of “stuff” for Easter. Last year we gave them those little rubber dingy boats to play in at the lake. Actually I gave them only the boats and told them they were now officially up the creek with out a paddle. I thought that it was great they didn’t. They bought paddles and have taken their boats out on the lake, the boats didn’t faire very well, but the guys had fun while they lasted. This year we bought candy I dumped it into a big basket for us all to enjoy and get fat on and we bought wood to make the small porch and steps for the front of the New Mobile home that they live in. WE told them HAPPY EASTER! Brett informed me that he didn’t want the candy any way! Kale said he didn’t care he still got to eat the candy. While we were building the steps Kale ask me about the trees in front of the Mobile Home with the white flowers on them. He wanted to know if they were pear trees, I said yes and aren’t they beautiful. He told me yes but that the flowers smelled like “dead fish”, and wanted to know if all pear trees smelled that way. I don’t know why but I have never bothered to “smell” the blossoms on the pear trees in our yard and I assumes that something that looked that pretty had to smell good, so I looked at him like he was nuts, and went over to take a good sniff of the flowers. ICK! Sure enough they smell just like old dead fish! Now laughing at me, we had a brief conversation about the different kinds of pears and the fact that all of the blossoms smell like fish. I struck me as being kind ‘a funny that we as people assume that if something is pretty it should smell nice too. WE never expect anything beautiful to have a dark side. Thank goodness we don’t have an orchard full of pear trees! But since they are beautiful I wanted to share that beauty and YOU get to miss out on the smell! Blessed Be!


Spring 08 005aSpring 08 006a

Spring 08 007aSpring 08 008a

Spring 08 015aSpring 08 016a



March 22,2008

AAAAAHHHHH…. it’s finally spring again. I don’t need a calendar or a newscaster to tell me that…I always can tell by nature. No, I’m not talking about flowers and trees blooming or making me sneeze…I talking about the damn blood sucking arachnids known as TICKS! As soon as the weather settled I decided to go for a nice little walk it was about 60 and Raspy and I walked around the paths on the property. I was dressed for the temperature, jeans, sweatshirt, socks, and shoes, Hair tied back as always…the only thing exposed were my hands, face and neck. And I wasn’t going very far as in I stayed in the yard. It’s not like I went out into the woods with out bug spray on. It was a short walk only about 15 minutes out in the sunshine feeling good and it had been another long day in the shop sitting. I came in from out side and walk straight to the bathroom to shower and that’s when I found the little bugger. Attached to my love handle on my back left side. And I didn’t even feel it bite me much less crawling on me, and I have a build in radar about things crawling on me and biting me. I have been working with herbs and oils for over 20 years and I still haven’t found anything to keep the bugs of the Southern States at bay. So I treated it as usual with my oils and I know that the little bug is not going to be biting any one ever again. But spring is not just about bugs and things blooming but also about the renewal of being. We all love to hear about miracles big and small and I have one to share. I was thinking about this since Cindy email me, but after Talking to her on the phone Friday I knew I needed to share this. Cindy and I have been friends for almost 20 years. We have seen each other through some really tough stuff and we can tell each other when we are being stupid. WE are exact opposites she is the cutest little Barbie type thing on the planet and I am the…well we know what I am. I’m Momzilla. She is Fluffy-vain and I am frumpy on a good day. She is smart and talented and a wonderful person her only faults have been OUR secrets until now. Her vision. Cindy has REALLY poor vision and it has been that way for a really long time. We both knew that with my knowledge of herbs and oils that I couldn’t fix it and we never tried anything for it. About a month ago, Cindy ask me to look at an herbal product and tell her what I thought and I did. The stuff had good things in it and 2 of them are great for pain and I knew she has been in pain since the truck hit her last year. I hoped that it would help her feel better. It had several herbs that I am not familiar with in it. But I don’t know ALL the herbs on the planet and I am very open to information.

I decided to post her email, because it is a little miracle… and I hope you find one, too!

>Sent: Mar 22, 2008 11:12 AM
>Subject: Zrii
>Hey everybody,
>Just want to give you a little more info on Zrii. I am so sold on this supplement now that I want EVERYone I know and love on this product.
>I just want to share what Zrii has done for me so far.
>I don't know how many of you know how truly bad my eyesight is. In order to read, I either had to wear my contacts AND reading glasses, or, when wearing my glasses, I had to use a magnifying glass. The dosage is 1 to 3 ounces. When I first started I used 1 ounce (since it also detoxifies your system) On day 11, (still at 1 ounce) I was working away zoning the music and thought something seemed different. Suddenly dawned on me that I was only using my contacts and NOT my reading glasses. I was reading those little letters with only my contacts. Later that day I went to lunch and read the menu with only my contacts, didn't have to drag out the reading glasses.
>The next day, day 12 I was getting a few groceries. Now normally if Andrea was with me she had to get my milk or I would have to dig out the reading glasses just to read the expiration date. I stood in the milk cooler, reading all the dates as plain as day. I know everybody in the store probably thought I was a lunatic because I just started crying. I have had bad eyes my whole life and here I was reading this small stuff with only contacts.
>The next day we went to town and Bryan was looking at some fishing stuff, so I was picking up EVERYTHING and reading the small print on the packages. I know I was driving him crazy, because I would read and then point at the small stuff then say, look, I'm reading this.  Look, I read that. It finally dawned on him that I did not have my reading glasses on. Needless to say, he is now taking it as well and his eyes aren't bad.
>There are just so many stories, I am sure mine isn't the greatest, but, it is to me!
>There is this lady who had a cholesterol reading of 1200 (didn't think that number was possible) after taking Zrii for 8 weeks, she is down to 800. That is such a significant decrease.
>This is just so amazing.
>Please read the attachment Amalaki Traditional and Medicinal uses. It breaks down all the 7 ingredients and shows what they are all doing. This covers so much.
>It even is helping me sleep (and we all know my brain doesn't shut down so easily)!
>Let me know what you think.
>And remember, too, that we are getting in on the ground level of this company and it is going to be huge!



Remember SHE is a REAL person and REALLY my FRIEND! I would walk through the fires of hell for her and fight the devil himself…again!

Check out Cindy’s link on the right.

Happy Blooming!



March 20,2008

Is it just me or is China trying to kill off Americans. Think about this for just a few moments. What better way to take over a country, we did it with the Native American Indians and the small pox and poisonous meat incident. Throw in some feel good drugs so they don’t have a clue, better known then as whiskey. Today it’s any number of drugs. Is history repeating it’s self only this time WE are all the losers. Back when my boys were little (1990’s) there were concerns about the crayons that were coming in from China having too much lead and “other” toxic chemicals in them. Most recently it was toothpaste and toys. NOW it’s heparin, a drug that many Americans that have a heart condition take every day. I have and always will be a fan of buying ANYTHING made in the USA most especially stuff for my kids, and at that time I knew where Crayola crayons were made. Next is Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, you know friendly places that I felt that the government of said country meant no harm to me and mine. In the last several years there has been a rise in American companies moving production out of our country causing lost of jobs and if you look closely TAXES. Companies that have “shut down” plants no longer pay taxes on every level which has a much bigger impact on our economy than what is presented in the media. (I know what your thinking…how in the world would a sculptor know anything about impact fees and taxable incomes much less world market. WELL, I am one of those people whom have integrated both cerebral hemispheres…oooohhhh, aaaahhhh…I know some big words too.) Now back to where I was going with all this… Those companies like it or not, save on paying that money, by paying much lower taxes and lower wages and releasing much of the quality control because there is no one to monitor what this stuff is made with. China’s government doesn’t care as long as they have the business and are exporting more than they import. Toxic chemicals in toys, and now meds appear to be hitting our weakest population, but if that quality is appearing to make an impact in the quantity, they will shift to a different product. Think of it this way…toothpaste that is contaminated and sold to the “undesirables” (prisons and jails) is bad but not as bad as when it’s children’s toys from an old American company like Mattel that has a “problem” with quality control. Americans expected them to do something about it and they did, but they didn’t bring home production. And just how much of the stuff you come in contact with could be toxic and absorbed through the skin…YOU better look around your house and work place (if you still have one). Everything you use from the dishes you eat off of to the sheets you sleep on and the shoes on your feet. If any of those things are leaching toxins and quite probably are, you and yours are at risk of being poison and WE can’t seem to do anything about it. It’s that “free trade” thing that has us as hostage. So…I am really bad about what I buy from where and you should be too…because that is what our big companies understand…the impact of dollars spent. If you were really cash strapped what could you give up that would make an impact on a company that might cause it to bring its production back home. What do you really need, where is it made, how does it affect OUR country and the people who live HERE. Like your neighbors and the guy you see at the coffee shop. How does what you buy from CHINA affect the people needing jobs in the United States? Is it really that simple, well yes and no. WE can no longer afford shoes made here because last time I checked there was only 1 company left that did so and it is in my back yard. YEP, right here in ARKANSAS. So think about it and your own family and friends too. What if it was your child or brother or mom that ends up… gone because of SELLING OUT to other countries…what can you do to change it. Start by what you buy and end with some well-written letters to the people who can do something known as elected officials. I can tell you if enough of us do those things it will change. There is more to being a patriot than saying “we support our troops” It requires that you and I stand up and be good people and take care of our own people first. Is it possible that we are our own worst enemy and allowing the greed of a few to kill off the masses? As a Sculptor I know of several other sculptors who have sent their work to China to be cast “cheaper”. The end result was that their work beat them back to the states in a pirated form, for a much “cheaper” price than they could sell their own work. The broker for the “casting company” was an American. Let’s be strong together. Support American made products and support America.



March 17, 2008

I am always fascinated by words and the power they have. In many circles they are called “buzz” words and when used in say a resume they seem to get your writing more of a response. So I thought that I would try some Buzzword brain washing here.

Words like POWER makes you think about exactly that POWER. Unless you change the print type set like this power. Now doesn’t that look nice and sweet, and no longer has the impact that it did before.

So Lets do so more words with out getting to fancy.









































They say buzz words are thought to provoke a neurological response. As a result of the visual impact…so send me your money, I like green!



March 13,2008

A old friend of mine sent me a email that had been forwarded to her …we all know how that goes…a family member or friend got it from a friend who got it from a email and this stuff runs on the web in circles for years. But this particular email rings true to me on one very basic level I agree with most of it. HOWEVER (and there is always a however) I want to add my 2 cents worth, because that is what I do….Which is in blue!

    • I Am the Liberal-Progressives Worst Nightmare. I am an American. And my ancestors were here first! They just had poor immigration laws.
    • I believe the money I make belongs to me and my family, not some Liberal governmental functionary be it Democratic or Republican! And when I have a shortage I have to do with out things that are not the basic needs, because there is no one to change the fact I’m broke on paper.
    • I'm in touch with my feelings and I like it that way! And my feelings do not entitle me to anything.
    • I think owning a gun doesn't make you a killer, it makes you a smart American. And a little safer if you are willing to be responsible enough to learn about how to safely handle a firearm.
    • I think being a minority does not make you noble or victimized, and does not entitle you to anything. And we are all a minority at some time in some group.
    • I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English. And if you don’t I want the border completely removed so that I can enjoy cheaper real estate, and cheaper labor too.
    • I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to. And if you’re a Native American you can sue the United States of America for the past genocides that were preformed in the name of God on your own soil.
    • My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and whoever canceled Jerry Springer. And let’s not forget the girls either like Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and Mae West.
    • I know wrestling is fake and I don't waste my time watching or arguing about it. And I know that there is not an athlete on this planet that deserves a salary of more money than it takes to run an entire city, so I don’t buy tickets to those events either.
    • I've never owned a slave, or was a slave, I haven't burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! So, shut up already. And since I am just another human on this planet please treat me with the same respect that you would if you thought that I would sue your sorry butt for violating my civil rights and putting me on some list because I “look” like any of the above.
    • I believe if you don't like the way things are here, go back to where you came from and change your own country! This is AMERICA. And since our government has sold our country to China and Mexico I’m sure you think you own this country, but you don’t own me.
    • If you were born here and don't like it you are free to move to any Socialist country that will have you. And if you are a financially wealthy bleeding heart you could look back at all the poverty in the United States and say we caused it all ourselves. Or you could donate some of that money to fix the problems here in the United States.
    • I want to know which church is it exactly where the Reverend Jesse Jackson preaches, where he gets his money, and why he is always part of the problem and not the solution. Can I get an AMEN on that one? And since I am a Reverend also will you please send all your change that is in your pockets right now tome so I can be supported and make my political agenda public policy too. I’m prettier any way.
    • I think the cops have every right to shoot your sorry rear if you're running from them. And if they shot more of you there would be less crime and no repeat offenders. I also think they have the right to pull you over if you're breaking the law, regardless of what color you are. And you have the right to report them when they are breaking or abusing the law regardless of what their wearing at the time. And, no, I don't mind having my face shown on my driver’s license. And we shouldn’t have to look like criminals in the photo. I think it's good..... And I'm proud that "God" is written on my money. And after all it’s not really using a name or something since GOD is a entity not a proper name. I think if you are too stupid to know how a ballot works, I don't want you deciding who should be running the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years. And if you don’t think your vote counts what you think doesn’t either. I dislike those people standing in the intersections trying to sell me stuff or trying to guilt me into making "donations" to their cause. And I want to know where these people were with the money when I had a need and a cause. I believe that it doesn't take a village to raise a child, it takes two parents. And unfortunately my husband died so why did I have to stay single to collect the Social Security Benefits to help raise my children and pay for college on my own. I believe "illegal" is illegal no matter what the lawyers think. And up holding the law means that includes the government on every level too I believe the American flag should be the only one allowed in AMERICA! And I think the red green and black is a ugly color combination. If this makes me a BAD American, then yes, I'm a BAD American. And I don’t want to have to fight to get a census card and be on the “roles” to prove that I am of Native American parents. Others can claim to be what ever they want to. None of them have to prove what race they are.
    • If you are a BAD American too, please forward this to everyone you know. And that is because I want to be popular too.
    • We want our country back! AND I wish the RED WARRIORS would rise again!

March 11, 2008


Okay boys and girls it is crunch time here as we are getting ready for “The Third Annual Arkansas Sculpture Invitational Show and Sale”.

And the reason I’m posting this is because you all need a break and we need bodies to come and ooooooohhh and aaaaaahhhhh over our work to feed our little egos and swell our empty artist heads.

I am posting the info and Little Rock has a ton of stuff to do to. It is a lovely City and we will be very close to the Clinton Library. The weather has been pleasant for the last few years. AND because this is one more thing that I do, yep I am one of the founders for this group and we have been working very hard for the past 3 years to let people know that the Sculptors of Arkansas can and do Beautiful Quality work that is as good as LOVELAND or Timbuktu.

WE are close to being in the center of the country …6 hours from ST. Louis, 5 hours drive from Dallas, Tulsa, Shreveport and more. Memphis is a skip being only a little over 2 hours away. So this year…support ART in ARKANSAS Ya’ll come and see us’n hear’! (Now that was nasty…ick! I don’t do southern drawl well in writing, but as I always say I’m gonna’ be a prim and prop’a southernbelle in my next life...) If you are an art whale and would like to attend the “by invite only party” Friday night March 28th from 5-9 pm, request you tickets through email from this site (LEFT) Your invitation ticket will be mailed to you.


Arkansas Sculptors Guild

Third Annual Arkansas Sculpture Invitational Show and Sale


For additional information, contact: email momzilla on the left

The Arkansas Sculptors Guild is hosting the Third Annual Arkansas Sculpture Invitational Show and Sale. Saturday, March 29 from 8:30 a.m. to 8: 30 p.m. and Sunday, March 30 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the River Market East Pavilion in Little Rock. You can learn about sculpture, watch sculpture demonstrations and vote on the Best In Show Award. Meet the sculptors and Purchase art directly from the artists themselves. Come join the fun and excitement.

Admission is only $3 for adults and children 14 and under get in free. For more information, call 501-991-3886.


Sponsors List:

W. R.D. Entertainment, Inc.

First community Bank

Ozark Family Furniture

Communications Group

John Rogers Design

Light and Time Design Studio

Studio 8



March 8,2008


I am forever to be amazed that we can put a man on the moon, listen to music on a little computer that hold more music that a radio station did 30 years ago, that we can send photos of love ones in a blink of the eye with a push of a button and talk to who we sent it to within seconds and it all comes to a screeching halt when a few inches of snow falls. We have had snow twice in the last week which is more than we have had in the last 8 years. More volume too…we had about 3 inches of real snow on Tuesday and yesterday about 6. Real SNOW, like the stuff we got in Colorado all the time when I lived there. Heavy wet stuff that was falling fast enough that what was melting didn’t keep up other wise we would have had a great deal more. Since this is a rather rare occurrence here in this area of the Ouachita Mountains, it resulted in some set backs…trees were bowing under the weight of the snow and limbs were snapping hitting power lines that were already having their own battle with the snow on them. We who are dependent on satellite to be in touch with the world were cut off, as they can’t get the signal through the build up of the snow. So for us in the forest it’s back to nature in the very truest sense of the word. Heat is not an issue thank goodness for propane gas so I was always toasty. But no computer, no email, and no web surfing. We have been having issues with our emails for a couple of weeks now too. Up grading is what they call it and a major headache for the support team I’m sure because they told David they had a gazillion calls with problems. I would say that we could all go back to that simpler time of no computers and farther still no TV. I do remember the big deal at our house when we bought our first color TV console. It having a place of honor in the living room, today we hide them in cabinets so know one can see them and the place of honor is no more unless it’s a big screen with theater seating. While it is true that no one called me in a panic because I hadn’t posted anything in a few days or at one point in about a week because of the “technical difficulties” (I always use to wonder just exactly what that meant when it flashed across the screen) it was a pain in the…thought process that we can no longer just sit and watch the snow fall enjoying the end result of the beauty that is brings along with the silence. We now curse the snow for disrupting our busy lives in fact we busy little people rarely take the time to just be unless we are forced to. We all have some where to get to and something to do and… and… and… and… and…

The world did not stop spinning because it snowed at my house, but WE took a snow day even though going to work is a fifty-yard walk away. WE watched the snow and I took pictures of it watched the birds play in it, listened to the silence and took in that wonderful fresh smell of snow. What a great imposed vacation! In my space for free.





March 4, 2008

Who’s Watching?


After High School at the ripe old age of 17, I went to work for United Blood Services of New Mexico. I never in a million years would have thought that being a perfectionist about something so trivial as my handwriting would get me a job in health care. One of the reasons that I even applies there was because I swore that I would NEVER flip burgers. The other reason was I wanted to be a doctor, a plastic surgeon to be specific and my mother wanted me to be a nurse because that’s what I said I wanted to be when I was 3. She wouldn’t sign the papers for me to go to college because I wanted to go out of state (actually I wanted to be as far from her as possible) so she wouldn’t sign for me to go anywhere and being 17 I had to have her signature. Now the self help guru’s would say that obviously I didn’t want it bad enough…that might also be true, but I know that the real reason is I was just a kid and I listened to the wrong people including myself. At UBS I started out as a “Donor Interviewer” and I would be in training until my 18th birthday. I would have a supervisor co-sign everything I did, because I was not of legal age. I was to be tested on my skills and knowledge of my job and federal and state regulations that were guild lines for my job. The testing would be oral, written and a practical exam. I would be given a similar exam every 6 months while I was employed there. Screw-ups and not following the guild-lines where not allowed …we were in the business of saving lives not taking them. My supervisor was a soft spoken wonderfully sweet lovely woman named Doris Redhead and she did have red hair that was more than likely out of a bottle, but looked fabulous on her. Doris was a R.N. and she would tell us youngsters how when she went to nursing school so very many years before that they used glass syringes and re-used needles and had to sharpen the needles because a dull needle would hurt badly. WE no long did such things everything was used once and disposed of in proper containers…the year 1977.

The very thought that a clinic any where in the world in this time would even consider re-using needles or syringes makes me wonder who is regulating our health care now. Insurance is not the only problem. An Endoscopy is now what most over the age of 45 knows as routine preventive testing. ANY one that has been trained in health care in the many schools in the US or abroad knows NOT to re-use needles, syringes, vials and any number of other single use items. In the news it was written and I quote “Health care accreditors "would consider this a patient safety error that falls into the category of a 'never event,' meaning this should never happen in contemporary health care organizations," said Gerberding. Our concern is that this could represent the tip of an iceberg and we need to be much more aggressive about alerting clinicians about how improper this practice is," she said, "but also continuing to invest in our ability to detect these needles in a haystack at the state level so we recognize when there has been a bad practice and patients can be alerted and tested."

WHAT the hell is this bull pucky! These people knew exactly what they were doing and then the article goes on to say and again I quote;” The head of the clinic, Dr. Dipak Desai, purchased space for an open letter in the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Sunday in which he expressed "my deepest sympathy to all our patients and their families for the fear and uncertainty that naturally arises from this situation." Desai offered no apology but said a foundation was being set up to cover testing costs. He also defended practices at his clinic, which performs colonoscopies.”

This jackass should be prosecuted for domestic terroristic threatening or DEPORTED! There is no way on this planet that this being could get a medical degree and NOT know that this is no the way to do things…ANYWHERE!

The article continues with “The Clark County district attorney is investigating, as are various health agencies, including the Nevada State Board of Nursing. Several lawsuits already have been filed and a hearing is scheduled for Thursday before a Nevada legislative committee.”

WHO do we sue…the state of NEVADA, WHO, CDC, AMA which agency is responsible for keeping people safe in HEALTH CARE?

I left the medical field in 1999 and I will only say here (because it’s another long story and I’m getting my blood pressure up to high to sleep tonight already) because of unethical behavior of the doctors that I had to work with. I took some time off to regroup and then I went to work in a local bookstore because no one would die if they didn’t find the book that they wanted. I am still quite capable to wheal a needle with a very precise skill, perhaps this doctor would be willing to play a little game with me of “which needle is contaminated with a fatal disease and which is a lethal injection” or OOP’s I missed your arm and hit your juggler. I will not be having any test any time soon and what happens in Vegas apparently might cost you more than just your money.





March 2,2008

There was a time when I was very young that I thought that I was okay…I was 17 and had just graduated from high school. I wasn’t a great student in fact (now that my boys are all out of high school I can admit this) I wasn’t even a “good” student, no reason other than I just wasn’t and I was busy doing other things some of which I shouldn’t have been doing. It was the late “70’s and the times were changing. I was looking forward to being a woman of the 80’s and believed in Helen Reddy’s song lyrics “I am woman hear me Roar”. As I look back I didn’t roar I didn’t even whimper. I believed what others said to me and about me and did for the most part as was “strongly suggested” and told. I got married to a man that I didn’t love because I was told too. I was also told that I would “learn” to love him. I never did learn to love him, but I did learn to despise him. After we were married, He then told me that I needed lots of help and in no time flat had me reading a book called “ Why don’t you love your self” and then he started making demands on everything from how I dressed and the way I was to wear my hair. Over the next 20 years I tried though be it half assed to be what he and my family and “friends” wanted me to be. I had been trained to believe that my Life wasn’t so bad, if I said often enough that had to be true. I had my boys and I learned from the day they were born how to be “the parent” because that was what I was expected to be…so I became Momzilla when the school system that we were in decided that because my son day dreamed in class he must need to be medicated and have A.D.D. And that is when I learned to roar, I have this thing…you can pretty much tell me how broken I am, because I have been hearing it ALL of my life, and occasionally even now from my kids…but Do NOT mess with my babies and they will always be my babies. My son did not have A.D.D. but he did have a very severe case of boredom, and he was a loner. Which is not a bad thing and I was not going to let people start “fixing” that, which was not broken. My boys are not perfect and my oldest does have perfectionism syndrome just like I did and still do somewhat. I have to remind myself every day there is no such place as perfect and there is a place called good enough. If I don’t, I would never complete anything…because it’s not perfect. What I leaned over the last 8 years of my life other than it’s okay not to be perfect is that I listened to a lot of untruths from others about me. Despite my late husbands statements, I am not flat chested and I do not need a boob job. I did fine another man that could truly love my boys, and me and he tells me I’m beautiful, so in his eyes I must be. I did love this man when I married him and still do now on our 8th anniversary together. I have not over come the brain washing that I have received since birth on not being pretty enough because I was “dark skinned” and had “dark eyes” and I am not really an Amazon or a “big” woman. I am an average woman of 5 feet almost 5 inches with brown eyes and medium/olive skin that works well with brown eyes and black hair and my hubby says a “Venus De Milo” figure. I don’t have to be anything that I don’t want to for a “living”. I have a mouth that roars at wrongful things and I do like myself even when I’m bitchy. I will not fall prey to the should’a, could’a, would’a’s. I am an always evolving human just like the rest of you. I grow and change everyday, but not because of a self help book or website, or someone says to, it’s because I want too. I am OKAY! So where did this come from…page after page on stumble upon of self-realization shit in everything! Cartoons, Art, Music, Gardening it didn’t matter what I checked this “I can make you feel better…”crap is knee deep! I feel just fine I just want to look at herbs and flowers …it’s spring jackass! I don’t need “10 effective ways to simplify…” anything and if I did the first would be to turn off the computer. If you need that sap, you won’t fine it here. I have my hands on my hips and with my favorite words…get over it and move on!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the fact that the county issued trash bin is overflowing full every week drives me nuts. We have no recycling system in place in this part of the world. My first hair-brained idea several years ago was to use glass bottle melted down into art, and then it was to mix glass and metal and so on. Well…not being the technical brains part of the family I have to rely on research for info and the first thing that I found out about is COE factors …(hey, I looked it up and so can you) which means that only certain types of glass “should “ be melted together. But I wasn’t wanting to just fuse the glass I wanted to “melt” the glass like we do metal and then pour it again like we do metal and I wanted semi instant results like I get with metal. Well…glass doesn’t behave like metal other than it gets hot and you can melt it if you get it hot enough. My first attempt… and my dear sweet hubby is right out there with his crazy wife with a crucible in the furnace and helping me ramp that puppy up to 2700 degrees. Yes I said Two Thousand and seven hundred degrees, and then helps me “pour” it out in a pile on sand with my thinking that I could end up with a really cool birdbath thing for the yard. HA! Because I don’t always read the fine print I found out the hard way about annealing glass, and you guessed it. The birdbath thing broke, but I did manage to mix glass and metal with some really cool results if I perfect it. So what exactly does this have to do with recycling…I used glass that food had come in that friends and I have been saving. I quickly found out that those jars, the ones that if you drop them on the floor on the way from the fridge to the counter that shatters so easily making a big mess for you when you are in a hurry, do not want to break with a sledgehammer when you want to crush them.
With the economy the way it is right now, I know that most folks may want new art but my work in metal is way out of their price range. So I was in my mode of thinking about how to make and keep some of my work affordable but with my same style. Something that would again be my little contribution to the planet and keeping stuff out of that dumpster every week. Glass has not been in our trash for a few years now. I also try to save and reuse plastics until there is a hole in it and it will no longer work for anything. I grew –up with a depression age grandmother who saved and reused EVERYTHING! It wasn’t because it was good for the planet it was because of the money that stuff cost.
Then tonight I was doing my usual of “stumbling” on the web and found a site that said “mold your own plastic” and once again my little light bulb came on above my head and said why don’t I just use that plastic that we throw away because it has holes in it and (you got it) melt it into my work. So it’s back to my heat source first thing in the morning and if it works…I’ll show it off and if it doesn’t, the trees out here will help by cleaning out the air pollution and the melted mass … that should make a visit to the dumpster, will end up in the Smithsonian or something. At least I’m trying.

Feb.27, 2008

Today I didn’t just step out of my comfort zone I took a long hard run and jumped as far as I could go. I did the unspeakable…I bought a paid membership on, and then I e-mailed several (okay 9) people. Two of those people were or should be siblings of childhood friends, both of these then girls meant the world to me... I never told them. I am going to tell one of them now, here in a space that they might never see. The first is a blonde haired blue-eyed beauty named Lynn Hale. She could very well be the reason that I am still on this planet and I want to thank her for her speed and frame of mind to know what to do. I was 7 and I think Lynn may have already turned 8. I think we were in the 3rd grade and walking home from school. We didn’t have backpacks or much to carry home with us, but I remember we almost always kept our eyes down on the ground in case we found something like a penny or better yet a quarter. I remember seeing 2 older boys walking toward us and not thinking much of it. The next thing I remember is being hauled up and the boy that picked me up had his hand up under my dress. I was blinded by fear, but I was screaming and I fought…I could hear them laughing and I kept screaming and kicking and hitting with everything I had. And my friend Lynn…she ran as fast as she could to my house to tell. I fought hard enough that they “dropped” me and I took off running as fast as I could. I don’t remember how I got home, but I remember that Lynn was there crying and waiting…I remember talking with the sheriff deputy and hearing him say that they would probably not do anything to the boys if they ever found them. Lynn’s family owned a little store and laundry down the road from my house and kids would stop and buy candy there to and from school or on Saturdays. Shortly after I was…assaulted (current term now was not used then) the 2 boys showed up at the little store. Lynn recognized them and called my house to tell. My older brother ran to the little store and Lynn later told me that he beat the snot out of those 2 boys. Her courage during that time in my life and through the years later gave me the strength to keep going and fighting even though much of the time things ended with similar results. BUT, I am still here and I am still strong and I will never forget Lynn, wherever she is I hope she is safe and happy.

Move Over Nader

I want to be the next president of the United States! I have decided that I am the very best choice because of my life experiences, and MY agenda.
I am 48 years old, which meets the age requirement, and in that time frame I have earned a PHD in Life Lessons. I come from an abusive dysfunctional family and an unwed mother that would mean that I grew up with out the “male” influence-wrong extended family filled in. I am female so that would take care of the minority issue alone, but add in the fact that I am also a UN papered Native American and you have a real rarity. No I am not a Cherokee! Next I am also ordained so I am good for a marrin’, buryin’ and baptistim’ just like the other preacher that was Governor of the State I now live in and I’m not talking about confusion. I have been flat broke and have had my utilities shut off, and I did with out so that my kids would have and that included my own personal devices of cigs and pop. I have dealt with healthcare issues morally and financially, been a single mom with more than one mouth to feed, coached soccer, volunteered at schools to read and knew the words in the book. I have had a cheating husband and am glad that I became a widow instead of a divorced one, because I didn’t have to go to jail for murder one, sorry, I don’t forgive easily. I have been hit by a MACK truck at 70 plus miles per hour and lived to tell about it and didn’t get even enough to pay off my car. I have lived well and not so well but I have never paid more than $25 dollars for a pair of jeans or a top, but I have spend over a hundred on a pair of shoes…gotta’ love my Birkenstocks. I am real, I live like MOST Americans and I understand the issues of aging parents, kids in college, high mortgages, utilities, food, and gas.
I don’t want to live in D.C. and my husband has NO desire to be the first man and throw parties. I am registered as a Democrat but I am not a bleeding heart humanistic feel good and fix the world kind ‘a girl. I am conservative about some things and liberal about others. I believe that a human is in charge of their own life and should be free to make their own decisions about their lives as long as it harms none. A fetus is not a “one” until it is born, while I personally would not have had made this choice I believe in the right to choose. I do not believe that a woman should have to have her husbands “permission” to take permanent measures to prevent pregnancy. Now for health care I believe we all need to have reasonable access to good quality care. I don’t believe that we need to be paying for healthcare for those who have just come to our country for the “benefits”no matter what country they came from. I believe in reasonable and FAIR trade, its more than a little one-sided right now and I think it’s time to take our independence back. Big companies will get no more tax breaks for sending jobs out of our country. In fact I say lets charge them more. Since they are making bigger profits off the American people. I believe it’s time to get back to small farms and ranches and for people to learn to “FEED” themselfs. ANY church that sends more than 10% out of this country is a ‘for-profit’and if your church is bigger than most of the small towns in America you need to pay occupancy taxes. Schools need to be treating all children as if they are bright and teachers need to be allowed to teach, parents need to parent and remember to not cross the “RIGHTS” line. Now for the war thing…we didn’t start it and we can’t finish it. These people have hated each other and been at war for hundreds of years…sorry folks…I would bring our troops home and lock down our boarders…time to practice what the early Native Americans Didn’t…and that famous tag line…just say NO! Yep… I want to be the president and fire both houses… while I am not a relative of Jefferson my boys are. SO make me president an I promise to live right where I am now, and spend money only on what we need not the wants. The Buck would stop going to others and I would take care of my own first. I know that I would be living dangerously, but hey, I still have the right to have my .45, and I still know how to use it!

Feb 20,2008
I am always amazed that weird things happen. Like when I started writing this I figured that I would write about a different issue or thing every day and do my little posting thing and maybe just maybe someone would send me and email telling me to shut the _uck-up or how great it was… What I never expected was to have a problem with getting the post up and being able to “see” that all was well in web land. Then cyber space hid my site from my hubby and me and we both have different computers. We called every techy person we could think of asking what they thought was going on and no one had a clue because they could see the site just fine. Well, my loving hero hubby figured it out and here I am again writing away.
I though that maybe I should share little bits at a time about why I am wanting and needing a lawyer to handle issues in reference to my mother. It may have been a problem for a very long time but I only became aware of the problems in Sept of 2005. She was deemed unable to handle her own affairs by Adult Protective Services of the State Of New Mexico. They did not call me. I was told by the attending social worker it was because my mother didn’t want them to. After determining that she had dementia APS sent a senior managed care team in to handle her affairs to the tune of $200.00+ an hour and told the manage care team that she could sign POA’s over to them. The reason that APS was called…exploitation and abuse of a senior, which is against the law in the State of New Mexico. Who was doing the exploiting, well since that call in September I have really lost count the most obvious ones stick out very clearly in my mind and on paper. I’ll tell about the first biggy…her burial plan. She had been telling me for years that she had everything all taken care of so that I wouldn’t have to do it. When I put her in the nursing home they ask about her plan and I started first locating it then contacted the company in Albuquerque that had the plan. I called and asked what was included in my mothers plan and they didn’t want to tell me stating confidentiality I explained that I had guardianship and conseratorship and faxed proof to them. Several phone calls later I get the scoop and all I could do was laugh. She had bought transportation, embalming, flowers and the little paper things that people can take a souvenir I guess for over $1300.00 which may seem low but she bought this over 10 years earlier. That’s it! No other services, no casket, no plot and they calmly in formed me that the “other” items that she was wanting would cost about $10,000.00 at that time and that was 3 years ago. I asked if I was going to be able to convert the plan into something that made sense and was informed that I should follow her wishes. Well, the laughter was a result of thinking her “wishes” were of being embalmed and driven around the city indefinitely. Why was such a worthless package even sold and who over sees this type of abuse why the state of course. And whom would one complain to about this…the state. And why would you complain after all she bought what she wanted didn’t she. RIGHT! So when she does expire I hope she’s well dressed for her next long trip.

Perry Mason, Matlock or Ally McBeal
With a little bit of the lawyers from JAG, Law & Order, Boston Legal and Stark. Questionable Legal ethics a must because “like understands like”. You must be an open-minded individual that believes in something other than the Government. If you’re a bleeding heart do gooder that’s okay, as long as it fits within my cause for justice and the American way. You must be an ABA Attorney licensed to practice in the State of New Mexico. Must want to win for the cause and not be afraid of the “Press”. Young is okay, old is better, but then again we all could get taken by these people at any time. THIS is for multiple civil law suites including, but not limited to government agencies. This will have to be taken on a contingency fee, because I am not willing to pay any one to work on the golf course cutting deals with the enemy. Payment will be 40% of everything that you collect including the bad press and the potentially ruined political career, but remember you can have your very own book and movie deals or other endorsements. Hey I do have proof, of at least 4500.00 being out there so you would get at least a 2 grand (if we recover it) potential to recover is 600000.00 and that is without the civil suits. You will have to hire your own bodyguards, personally I carry a .45 and I’m menopausal.
 I have not burned myself with a cup of coffee anywhere. I don’t have cancer caused by anything. I have no drug reaction that someone else might have. No basketball, football or hockey players have hit me or propositioned me. I have not bumped into anyone on a street or ski slope. I am not in rehab and I don’t have a problem with depression or fake boobs. I don’t know any one so famous that the paperatzzi would want to follow. I do know how to get Formaldehyde out of a trailer if I lived in one. ALL of these Yahoos found an attorney so why can’t I.
I have been trying for over 2 years to find help in the State of New Mexico and continue to get the run around, maybe because this is not a race issue and I am not, but my mom is just an “old white woman “. The reason I am placing an ad for an Attorney on my web site is I can’t be edited out or misplaced after I have paid for the ad unlike in the Albuquerque Journal News Paper. THIS is not about me it’s about money, no not mine but it would have been if my mother had known what was going to happen. SOOOOOOOOOOO…if you’re an egg sucking sidewinder of an attorney that wants to make history one way or another, and interested in being considered please contact me via email (button on left). Other than the above requirements you must start immediately and have a truck. AND, YES I am the boss!




As I sat down tonight to write my daily entry I discovered that I have SO much to write about that I wasn’t sure where to start…when my Darling hubby informed me that my work day was not over and that I had bios for artist to write for the up coming art show. Why am I writing their bios…life happened and has gotten in the way for 2 of our fellow artist and very close friends and this is just a small thing that I can do to help them right now, and the others which is my own and Brett’s. Yes the very child, whom is so very judgmental of my writing skills, has once again failed to get his stuff done for the catalog. With that now out of the way my very Loving Hubby smiled, tilted back my chair and said “ let me give you some incentive” and gave me one of his mind wiping kisses, which made me laugh as I came up for air. Resulting in the question from David of “just what is so funny” and me responding by telling him he said it was incentive and it was…because tomorrow is Valentines’ Day! After 8 years of being together 90% of the time day in and day out including working together, which is not always easy even under the best of conditions in the best relationships, which ours is. You know how I know this, because of that kiss! It was out of the blue as it is every day with him, I never know when he’s going to walk up and plant a big romantic kiss on me and then walk away, and even after 8 years of this I still have my mind just blank out and enjoy the kisses. THAT’S romantic and one of the things that’s in those diamond commercials…and I get to live it out every day. So for all those out spending big bucks for Valentines Day…take note...we went into town to take care of some business and to buy our candy together, we will make (yes, silly little homemade cards) for each other and that will be our little celebration of the day of love, because we celebrate how much we love each other everyday with wonderful mind blowing kisses. May you all have at least one…incentive tomorrow.




For years and years now I have been wanting to write … things…I have wanted to write about the trip that the boys and I took with their father’s illness and through the slow dying process. I wanted to let people know that is even more difficult when you are a health care provider and KNEW that the doctors were not telling you the truth. Then the learning that 20 years of my life with him was with a person that I never knew and how I had to come to terms with the truth about him and my self. The ninth anniversary of his death has just passed and I do still want to write about this stuff in detail just not now. Now I want to start writing about something else that I have always wanted to do. I want to share my Thank You’s to people who have crossed my path and helped knowingly or not with my getting my PHD in LIFE LESSONS. I am going to share names and events but not all at one sitting, and not in order or in a time line. These people have made a difference in my life and forever live in my heart. In the words of a Beatles song “some are dead and some are living…” the first is my first grade teacher “Mrs. Reibsommer. I have know idea if I spelled her name right and I don’t know her first name, and I am pretty sure that she has past on since I remember her being old then and I was 4. Yep, never went to kindergarten went straight to first grade at the ripe old age of 4. I remember, my first meeting with this woman who had a hump on her back and a rather high-pitched voice, she scared me to death! She didn’t seem very nice and reminded me of the witch with the apple in the Disney Snow White movie that my Granny had taken me to see a few months earlier. I don’t remember how far into the school year it was, but she would write “big” words on the chalk board and we were suppose to sound them out in our little heads and raise our hands when we thought we knew what the word was. She would then take the child who had raised their hand out into the hall and close the door so that the others in the class could not hear what was being said. If the child got the word right, she gave them a reward usually a piece of candy. I never wanted the candy bad enough to raise my hand. Out of frustration on her part, one day she said today only the children who have not tried at least one word will be taken out into the hall. Then she called my name and said your turn! I know now that I panicked, and could hardly get my little feet to take me out that door with the “witch/teacher” but some how I made it. I remember her asking me what I thought the word was and I told her I didn’t know. Then something magical happened she told me to close my eyes and see the word on the chalkboard in my head. I did what I was told to out of fear. Then she asked if I could see it and to tell her the letters so once again I did what she told me to do…I…N…F…O…R…M…A…T…I…O…N…she gasps loudly and then she told me to put the sounds on the letters and once again I did what I was told to do. Next she asked me what the first letters spelled and I told her in, then she asked me for the next word that I could see in my head and I told her for and then she ask for the next and I said mat and she asked what sound ion made and I said un. Each time her voice got higher and more excited and I was getting more frighten. At last she said to me “put all the little words together and tell me the word”. I could hear my own heart beating in my ears and felt like I was going to throw-up, I still hadn’t opened my eyes and just squeezed them closed even tighter, the thought of getting it wrong…. what would she do to me…BRENDA…WHAT IS THE WORD…she demanded and out of my mouth spilled INFORMATION! She Screamed so loud that my eyes popped open and the other first grade teachers came running out of their class rooms to see what the problem was. Mrs. Reibsommer was wiping her eyes and smiling, then she grabbed me and hugged me so hard I thought she was going to crush me all the while talking to the other teacher telling them something about my visualizing and seeing things differently and who knows what else. Then they hugged me to and told me how special I was, AND I got 2 pieces of candy. I went back to my desk in shock and it took another 8 years of school and another teacher to figure out what I had done so right that day. Years ago when I was telling someone about that experience I realized that it wasn’t just about “seeing” a word in my head and being able to sound it out at age 4. Thanks to Mrs.Reibsommer pushing me through the door, I learned how to face my fears…with information.



Feb.11, 2008

One Hundred Best Small Art Towns in America

A book by John Villani


I know that I am going to catch some flack about this one…I have just spent a fair amount of time trying to find out about this guy who wrote this book and only found that it is now in it’s 4th edition, nothing about the person who wrote it. I have a few questions for him, about one of the editions and I can’t even tell you which one that it is, but it is the edition that ranked Santa Fe New Mexico, Loveland Colorado, Sarasota Florida, and Hot Springs Arkansas as the top 4 small art towns in America.

I have no problem agreeing with the first 2; since I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico I am very familiar with Santa Fe and I know what kind of art community it is and has been probably forever. I lived in Loveland Colorado for about 10 years so I feel I know that city and how it feels about art pretty well too. I looked Sarasota Florida up on the web and from what I can tell from their promotion of the city and what I have heard from those who have been there it has a lot going for it like beach front… woo hoo! Now for Hot Springs Arkansas…well, well! I live in the area and I go into “town” to buy stuff and as an artist I do have a take on the city. I even looked it up on the web before I decided to write about this so that I would have my facts straight. The web site is not up to date by the way. I know of at least 4 Galleries that are not listed. I am usually physically in the Gallery that I show in every month for Gallery Walk in down town Hot Springs, but you better not be walking around much pass 9 PM because the police will be hassling you for walking public streets, there is nothing open or to do, and I am not talking about off season. They (people in the area) have been trying to get things done with the beautiful old bathhouses for at least 8 years and the feds have been in the way on that one. So what has prompted me to write about this NOT being is the same class as the other 3, PUBLIC ART! In all 3 of the other cities they have extensive public art besides galleries. It’s not all from local artist while most is, but in Hot Springs some group (like an art advisory counsel thing) that works with the city has come up with an art beautification plan that wants to by “really cheap” life size sculpture from a factory in another country. A fellow sculptor and very good friend voiced his concern about this and then we were called by an artist which we know that sits on this counsel, that we have done work for in the past, about how much it would cost for the same size pieces done my Arkansas artist. Needless to say work produced in American cost more and in most cases quality is better. The catcher is IT’S ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART!! Not factory bulk made that Joe Blow could have in his back yard and the kids bounce soccer balls off of.

I can tell you that there is no comparison between Hot Springs and the other 3 cities other than the basic stuff, like streets and stop lights. Hot Springs is a dying city full of rot and decay with almost no industry to bring in revenue. This city that claims to want to “support” the arts but not American or Arkansas artist, an example is the International Baccalaureate Program at Hot Spring High School can’t do the art projects because of funding…as in no paint or easels for the kids to use. Support them; support my fellow artist in Arkansas. BUY Arkansas ART! ASK me how we could grow this industry here.

I have a hard time believing that this John Villani really visited this city and if he did how much and who paid him to say those things in his book about Hot Spring.

So if it so bad why do I live here…I don’t live in Hot Springs…I live in the mountains where the wild things grow…like imagination!




Feb.10, 2008

Monster 1 AKA: Brett has informed me after reading my blog from last night that I am writing like I sometimes speak, “all over the place” and that he can now criticize me because HE has a college degree. WELL….I am still the momma, and to my dear son…remember who helped YOU write those English papers that got you that first degree. Now for the problems that he has with my writing, and for anyone else that needs help understanding my thought process and the continuity of flow of last night’s blog. Let’s see “rights” I was referring to our constitutional rights, the ones that people are often screaming about being violated. My line game was intended as a fun little aid to understand where ones rights start and stop. With that thought in mind, I then gave another example of what a person can do when someone “steps” on his or her constitutional rights no matter whom is doing the stepping. In much more brash form I would say do something about it or quit your Bitching. The statement about living in Arkansas and then drifting into why the states named are referred to as being “Southern States” is because geography they are not in the southern part of the NOW United States, but in the 1800’s they were and it was meant as a silly and perhaps bad joke. The continuation of the sentence after the though in the parenthesis implies that people from those places are religious, at times making statements about everyone being equal and/or NUTS. Arkansas is in the “Bible” belt and Colorado has a stigma of being “earthy” or the new term “green”. I then went on to try to explain that the people in those places have the right to believe and do what they want. I do not believe that we are all equal and that is my right and I gave an example as why I believe this. I then proceeded in saying that we all live here on earth and “should “ contribute to where we live in a positive way and to stop complaining about all the things that are not going the way that they want it too. I then ended with remember to apply the respect rule when contributing. This made total sense to me and it is a blog of MY thoughts and I was trying to be NICE for a change…seems that the kid likes the BITCHY WITCHY side of me better. SO…. to my darling pompous, arrogant, egotistical son I say…you may have a degree and be working on the next one, but I have been writing since long before you were born and I have a PHD in LIFE LESSONS and you don’t. (Damn, I broke my resolution again!)









I HAVE ISSUES…lets start with the whole my rights your rights thing. I know you are reading this, but stop for just a minute and play along with me. If you have another person available to play it will be more fun so call them in right now. Lay a string that you can see clearly of any length over 12 inches on the floor, now stand with both of your feet (toes facing) just almost touching the string, do not touch the string with your toes or go over the string. If you have another person playing with you have them do the same thing only on the other side of the string. Are you giggling yet, bumping bellies? NOW you should be (height doesn’t matter) roughly eye-to-eye. DO NOT touch the other person, feeling that closeness, a little crowded? WELL…that’s because where your rights stop…theirs’ start. No matter how you cut it that is a fact and it doesn’t matter who the other person is. So when you are feeling like some one is stepping on your rights you can do one of 2 things… STEP on theirs or step back and give yours away. I am not very good at giving my rights away and if that makes someone angry…TOUGH _ _ _ _ PATOOTIES (remember I have a new year resolution to keep) I have just as much right to not have my rights violated as they do. Bottom line is I live in Arkansas (who decided that this is the south is beyond me, like Virginia and Tennessee... did they not have a clue as to where these places were…I’m joking as I said I’m not from here. I live here and if you need a geography lesson from the 1800’s look it up. I am still a mom.) I am not a religious nut and just because I moved from Colorado doesn’t mean that I am a touchy feely make it fair for everyone nut either. I don’t care if you believe in God, Allah, or Buddha. I don’t care if you want to draw pentagrams, dance with rattlesnakes, or stand in the moonlight naked. I do not believe that we are all created equal because if we were I would be able to score a touch down and there would be no reason to pay NFL players millions of dollars and I could sing as well as FEIST so talent would not be anything special. I do believe that we all have something to offer and that it’s our choice (that free will thing that religions talk about but don’t want you to practice) to contribute good or not good things to this ball of stuff that we live on together. I have been trying to be my sweetest best self in my first posting and while I think I’m a kind ‘a okay human I know that I am far from perfect, and I am not known for being real sweet but for calling a spade a spade and telling people what I think. Hence this blog I started this so that I could get this stuff out of my system (and be a good Indian and give it away to others) and maybe get some one else to think and be a whole person. BECAUSE I detest whiners!!! Sooooooooooooo…. knock it off!!! Get out there and contribute something to our world and please follow the rule… respect everything.



Feb. 8, 2008

I went into town today to do the normal things banking, shopping, lunch with a friend, and by the time I was driving home I felt as if I had wasted most of the day standing in lines that I shouldn’t even have to been in. I didn’t have to stand in line at the bank, as one would expect on a Friday. No, I was done with that task in about 10 minutes and that was even with yakking with tellers about savings bonds. Which by the way, none of them think that they are a good way to save money or even give as a Baby gift which is what I was thinking about doing for my great nieces and nephews. Nope the lines started in the Ladies room at the grocery store that the branch of the bank is in. I know that the older we get the slower we move and that includes me. I have had way too many days over the last year of trying to return to health (which is a result of my stubbornness in the first place) in which I didn’t move very fast, but today I felt really good so I had planned on zipping in and out as fast as I could move my little feet to get everything done that I wanted to get done and then I had to wait to pee. And it went down hill after that (not the pee…though it did go down some where in the city sewage system.) I never would have believed that 3 little old ladies (much older than me) could take so long. In fact I heard the one lady’s (who came out right behind me) hubby that was waiting for her asked her why it took her so long. Next it was to my friend Linda’s office parking lot and she had to wait on me because I was in my truck talking on my phone to my hubby while I waited for her to come out of her office. WHEW! On we go to Red Lobster for lunch and we are told we have to wait…we had a nice lunch yakking and laughing like we do and trying to cram as much info about what we have going on in our lives into an hour or so lunch. Since we both think we are back on trac, Linda and I zip over to Hobby Lobby since that’s on my list of stops and guess what it took more time to check out than for us walk all the way through the store looking at stuff and getting what I wanted. I paid my 81 cents and off we go again this time to get my truck and go our separate ways and we are both thinking we are getting back on trac but traffic has other Ideas for us. The delay for me…was because of an accident(not mine some one elses). I get past that and then I have to deal with the screaming kids in Wal-Mart and one little tiny monster riding this horse thing down the main isle of the store with no parent in sight. One of the screamers has a mom screaming back and another has a mom counting and saying we are in Wal-Mart and you need to behave…AND I Feel MOMZILLA coming to life…and I breath in and then out and say to my self this is not your problem…but, this is how you know your old…when my boys were little if they even started to whimper and whine I would whisper in their ear that their behavior was in appropriate as we were in a public place if I had to count I did it so that they knew if I hit 3 and the nonsense had not stopped action would be taken…they would be marched right out the door to the car and removed from their potential audience. I only had to do this about 3 times total in each of my boys lives at different ages…I’m sure they wanted to see if things would change and of course they didn’t. I didn’t have to stand and yell at my boys in public I didn’t event have to count out loud. I would just say gentlemen and next I would hold up one finger. They knew I meant what I said and that I would follow through. Now in line, a new screamer wanting gum and mom takes a pack off the rack rips it open and shoves a stick of gum at the kid and says “there now shut up”…great follow through and the little monster looks at me and as I raise an eyebrow his eyes drop because that little boy knew it was wrong. At this point I am loosing the battle to be done and am much later than I wanted to be. On the drive home in my mind, I hear my sweet hubby’s voice saying your getting like me babe…not wanting to be in town with all those people and just want to stay at home in the nice quite mountains…and I’m thinking he might be right for a change…I can shop from the quite of the office on line.


Feb. 7, 2008

Well, we gave it our best shot at the presentation for the Historic Arkansas Museum Project, as did the other 6 finalists. Now the big question is were we the best sales people. I’m sure what most young artist don’t realize is that talent is subjective to the personal taste in Art. I know that there are plenty out there who would love to debate this point with me. However on a recent trip to D.C. we saw things that looked like they came right out of our scrap pile had a name slapped on it and put on display as art. This stuff took absolutely no talent what so ever from the “Artist” and I am using that term loosely, but the creativity factor was very much there as his work is in the sculpture garden in our country’s Capitol and mine is not. I know nothing about the artist including his name (I think I recall it being a male) and I don’t really care to see lots more of his “work”(if you can really call standing a sheet of metal on it’s edge and naming it work) but the man new something about marketing. That is where educators at the higher-level schools are failing our up and coming artist. You see it really isn’t about talent it’s about who you know and how you sell your self and (using the term loosely again) work. Instead of more underwater basket weaving classes, how about teaching the kids how to sell this stuff they are telling them that they have to create to graduate. Being creative on a “large” scale is what my son was told to do in a design class so he wanted to do a key out of keys …not big enough says the young inexperienced professor I want it REALLY big and by the way it’s due next class. Unhappy about this and creatively stumped as well as being “in college broke”, he calls home for guidance. Momzilla came out for 30 seconds (because of the professor) and then I suggested a huge paper airplane. Brett has been making fancy paper air planes since he was a little guy. Next problem paper strong enough to do this and (remember no money) solution: furniture stores old boxes. So off he goes and does a big paper air plane that is a hit with everyone. I think they tried to fly it off the dorm when he got it back…I do know that he didn’t save it for graduation. Granted I do live in rural Arkansas (and no matter how long I live here I will never be from Arkansas) and do have a fair amount of metal and other junk in the yard and not all of it is promised to become works of art, but I don’t claim that it is. NOT one of us has set a piece of metal, any metal and we have lots of different kind here, on it’s edge or other wise and called it a work of art. Poor marketing? Probably! I remember years ago when I lived in another state in a fairly small town that had a wonderful museum in it. This museum promoted a new exhibit and we went to see this “grand” works. I could hardly keep my self from laughing out loud when I saw that the “works” that was so grand was nothing more than eye screws in the center of ply wood panels painted white with piano wire attached. Granted the eye screws where placed in different places on the wood in each panel but come on…well guess what, here I am YEARS later telling you about this “art”…. if you leave an impression on someone is it art or is it good marketing?

Whether the panel that we made our presentation to today like’s our work or not it falls much more into how well we sold our selves, not our talents. SO with my strongest sales lady approach I did my best to sell our work and next week I think I’ll try to find out who I need to talk to about getting some of the stuff I have created into the sculpture garden in D.C.



The Tornados that swept across the south last night hit way to close to my adoptees. The kids and their real parents have major loss…their places of business. Flattened in seconds what took years to build.” We are all okay” says my sweet girl. We talk about the lost and the good things that will come from being forced to start over and as I hang up the phone I know that they are all starting on a very long journey the likes that none of them have seen before. Right now, I know that they are all still in disbelief, and then will come the shock and anger, next sadness and blame, then acceptance and far down the road …strength and renewal. WE, my sweet girl, my hubby and monster1 are due to give an important presentation tomorrow afternoon. I am not the only concerned person, the person in charge of the group that we are presenting to called and ask if we needed to cancel…the sweet girl had told me that she would still be there, and I understand that life must go on for her. So we will make the presentation at the appointed time.

My heart is bleeding for those with their losses here in the south. Hell is now in their back yard; they will have to learn how to grieve for themselves as well as for their friends and the lives that are forever changed. It is my hopes that we as people have learned something after Katrina, but I doubt that we have “fixed” the problems. WHO will help the people pay for putting their lives back together?

For a lighter touch to this story my sweet girl (she does have a name it’s Margaret) is (like us) a sculptor. A few years ago she sculpted this fabulous lion that we produced for her in bronze, her father-in-law bought the lion and had it in his office that was destroyed by the tornado last night, the lion was on the golf course next to his office sitting upright with very little damage. Margaret could not help laughing when she told me about it this morning as a testament to the strength of the product that we produce ….it survived a F4 tornado…that should be in our favor tomorrow.

Wither we get the contract that we are after or not tomorrow we will be joyful that our children where all kept safe one more time.



Welcome to Momzilla on line. I thought that the best way to start my blogging life would be to explain how I came to be Momzilla. I am indeed a mom and a step mom. The total of that group is 6 males. The next group is the adoptees, which include nieces and nephews and just buds that think of me as a wise old wi-woman and call me mom because of my behavior. The big RED NECK (AKA: David my loving hubby) is excluded from both groups; he just likes me for me and is my backbone for this site. I started parenting when I was 20 years old my oldest step son (AKA: Vernon, hey, I didn’t name him) was 10 at the time and one for the books as far a challenging children go. I did not do everything by the book (threw Dr. Spock out after reading the first few pages) or right, but I tried and to this day my son (yes, he is mine) and I do speak and know that we love each other. I was given the title Momzilla by my first-born, monster baby 1 (AKA: Brett)(because I rant, rave and babble) over 10 years ago. I think he said something about how Godzilla went on rampages and that it reminded him of me when I got going. This is the same sweet child who sent me to time out when he was 3 because I was grumpy and “out of control”. I went because he was right it had been another long day at a thankless job at the hospital. After 30 minutes (I have not a clue how the little monster knew how much time had passed) I knocked on the door and said are you better now (my words once again back at me). I was and we had a much better afternoon and evening. The same charming child has been one of the reasons I have been ranting and raving for the last 28 years. But it was monster baby 2 (AKA: Kale) that suggested that I do this, (I personally think it was so more of you could share in my wisdom) and because he wants to do it too. My sons have always been encouraged to look at me as person with faults, tears and heart. Nothing was off limits for discussion (key word) and I only had one rule- RESPECT EVERY ONE and EVERYTHING. As monster baby 2 pointed out to a playmate in the back seat of the car once “she only has the one rule but unfortunately it encompasses everything”. I know what your thinking, and yes at the ripe old age of 8 he really did talk that way. He’s somewhat better about making the rest of us look stupid now, but not much. At 19 he has all the answers and I am not very “wise” in his eyes (which means he didn’t think I’d do this..HA!) And that brings me to the first issue I will address; I am not perfect and I don’t pretend to be, I am also not a professional writer and some of you (most) will have had more formal education that I have. I made my choices and you have made yours. I will not be boring; bitchy is probable, and funny (I am not trying to be another Rosie) to some, but I will always tell you exactly what I think. I will share the wisdom of being the age that I am and what I am going through and where I have been. You will not find anything that I truly don’t believe in which is BULL PUCKY! (I made a New Year resolution to quit the cussing so that will include here.) If you the reader have info to help me on this new learning experience into the blogging world let me know and I hope you enjoy your visit. GOD HELP YOU MOMZILLA IS ON LINE!