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April 30, 2009

So… it once again has been a while since I spilled my venom over issues that I like everyone else in the public domain have no say in. But here in my own little website I can and will speak my mind.


First up this Swine Flu. While most that know me know that I spent the first 25 plus years of my adult life as a health care provider. I have seen more deadly diseases come through our countries doors that have effected more people in a shorter amount of time with much more serious results and resulting in many more deaths than this virus! So just exactly what is going on with the scare tactics over this flu? Let me refresh your memory of a few bugs in our lifetime. I am starting back when I was a kid and they made me get a shot to “protect me” because of my medical history…Hong Kong Flu, then what about all those folks at that convention that got Legionnaires Disease, and then their was the Hanta Virus. We are also dealing with Asian flu and Bird Flu and of course now Swine Flu. Now if you look up flu viruses on the web you can see that this is an on going thing and has been for YEARS and decades and that some people die from complications of the flu!!!! And what will help more than any thing…the very same thing that helped stop the “black Plague”…. And this is from the CDC…. As well as just good old fashion common sense-“As the virus can be inactivated by soap, frequent hand washing reduces the risk of infection.” Soap, not anything special just soap! Another words clean up your act!!!

Now if you can’t manage to live your life without fear pull up the dirt carpet and crawl under now, because YOU will die of something, but fear of dieing should not be it.

If you really want to do something about the info surfacing about the treatment of the pigs that become the pork chops you eat, tell your government to get out of farming and bring back the family farms. The FDA will no and has not protected us from bad stuff in our food. We as a country need to stop what has and is happening to our food and our lives. Be responsible, the pigs are not the gun, and neither intend to kill people. People and greed kill people.


Next up on my list of “ is this for real”- the statements made by North Carolina Republican Rep. Virginia Foxx in reference to Matthew Shepard and whether or not he was a victim of a hate crime. I was on the team of health care providers that took care of this young man. I can positively state that any person that could do such to another human being is a form of hate and that is a crime making this a HATE CRIME! Ms. Foxx you have lost touch with the real world and the people in it so be glad that I don’t live in North Carolina because I would have to actively campaign against you. Not because I want your seat but because I have a major prejudice against STUPID people.


For those of you who don’t understand the reason for bailing out the big 3 American car makers, let me explain that those three have an impact on thousands of other factor related jobs across our country and that has a major impact on economies in half of the states in the US. Widen your view and then maybe you can see that the forest is made up of trees, with weeds among them!


March 9, 2009

I have kept my mouth shut for way too long, and so very much has happened on every front, both in my life and the country. So here we are once again dealing with my misspelled words and typos as I colorfully express myself to the world. As you know, I didn’t make it for President and at this point in time I am VERY glad I didn’t, what a mess he has on his hands. I have decided that while the country is in it’s latest turmoil, the one thing that comes to mind as a result of age, is “this to shall pass” and “ nothing is permanent.” I also am hoping that my fellow Americans will heed the advice that I gave this time last year…learn and become self-reliant! If you plant you own food the government can’t tell you what to grow and it is BETTER for you. There are tons of tried and true ways to do this no matter what your place or space and tons more info on “how to” Next comes the energy thing…if your not using it unplug it and your bill and usage WILL drop! I give thanks daily for being taught to be frugal from my depression era Granny, only now we call it recycling. If you can afford it look into little things solar or big solar if you have a bunch of money, but even using out door solar lighting at night to light your walk way will make a difference to your out go. Hate gardening but still want to know what was used to grow your food and where it came from-shop LOCAL farmers markets, and buyer beware just because it’s sold out side it may NOT be local –ASK!!! If you have the space and your unemployed, even looking at foreclosure (don’t say I didn’t warn you people that shady dealings were happening), I am now telling you to rebuild our country with out help from the government. As in the history of the United States things happen because the PEOPLE take action! DO Something even if it’s not just right or perfect…just don’t become one of the many money men that is bringing our country to it’s knees. KARMA will win with that one too.


Since my last entry I have discovered my well-hidden roots. I have established a new relationship with cousins that I didn’t know and several that I only met briefly as a child. With information from a couple of them, I have leaned that I have been lied to by my Mother and my Granny and Papa my whole life! I am not 2nd generation born French! I am nothing more than a mutt, and probably a mix of dark skinned peoples of unknown origin (yet still more than likely Native American Indian only more so and several more tribes), but with a history lesson from my cousin Rachelle, I have learned of the paper bag test. If your skin tone was as dark or darker than that of a brown paper bag you were listed a NG in the census data (They didn’t count those savages!) of the state of Louisiana. The census was started in 1790 according to the U.S. census bureau, which matches the info that my cousin supplied to me in the form of census documents. Much like my new puppy I may be part black! As that is how my maternal grandfather and grandmother were listed in the censuses of 1910,1920, and 1930. At least I know my family didn’t pass the paper bag test. Which would account for the Mongolian spots on my son’s little tush when he was born. According to an on line pediatrician (for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about) at AKA: Dr. Green, these dark spots are a common(90%) “Birth mark” on children of Native American descent. So why can’t I get my Native American Census Card? Well, I am still working on it. When I asked my VERY southern Hubby if would matter to him if I was part black, he laughed and say “ Nope, your still pink on the inside”. We all look in the mirror and think we have an idea of who we are or where we came from, it has been the foundation of cultures for centuries, to say I’m Irish/English or German/ French or Italian or African. WE as a social society want to “be –long” to something bigger. I can only hope that someday it will be enough to be human. I still can’t pass a paper bag test; I don’t really care about the color of my skin. I do care that my family felt that they had to hide this. That in the 1970’s it still wasn’t okay to be of an ethnic minority. That I am told that many family members STILL have a problem with it. If Rachelle research is correct, and there is documented of proof, my family goes back to when New Orleans became a city, they are part of the founder fathers and mothers of the State of Louisiana. This is something I am proud of to know that my roots run deep in this country and that I will be as Native American as you can get. I am part of the history of what makes this country GREAT. A free woman of color…that is what my great, great, great (however many should be in there I lost count) grandmother was listed as, I should be too. I now know who I am as I approach 50 years on this planet …I am a FREE Woman of color.